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What Really Happened in Ancient Times 

What Really Happened in Ancient Times

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Terri Johnson and her contributing authors have done it again! What Really Happened in Ancient Times is a compilation of stories which bring ancient history a little closer to home. From Eve to Constantine, fascinating tales are woven together to give us a better idea of what may have taken place so long ago. Historical records often only afford mere glimpses into the lives of those who lived thousands of years before us. By weaving what information we have available into colorful stories, ancient history comes alive! I love the illustrations in this volume, and of course, the map illustrations are second to none!

Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine



Thank you so much!!!!

This truly looks awesome.

- Lisa



This is a MARVELOUS resource. I really appreciate all your hard work putting this together. May the Lord richly bless you for your kindness to the homeschool community!!!!!

- Kim


Peek inside... 

This collection of historical biographies geared toward 8-14 year olds presents the lives of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary deeds during the Ancient time period.  Illustrated with stunning portraits, this inspiring compilation of stories describes with historical accuracy and age-appropriate content the quality character and unbending determination of Eve, Noah, Gilgamesh, Imhotep, Daniel, Cyrus the Great, Eratosthenes, and Constantine.

Intrigued?  Would you like to read one of the biographies from What Really Happened in Ancient Times with no obligation what so ever?  Click on the button below to receive your free sample biography on one of the historical figures listed above.  You will not be asked to enter credit card information as this is our free gift to you.

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I downloaded the sample "Eve Biography" a few days ago and finally was able to sit down and read it. It's wonderful! - Kelly



Eve - Noah


Gilgamesh - Imhotep


Daniel - Cyrus


Eratosthenes - Constantine


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