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Welcome! Attendees of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo!

We're so glad you stopped by.  We hope that you will set aside a few minutes to browse the special books, gifts and offers that we have made available for you today at this "virtual vendor booth".  We really want to bless you with some helpful resources.

First, take a moment to download the "What Really Happened..." historical biographies sampler.  Also, if you haven't already done so, download the Globalmania ebook as well as the "Math Can Be Fun" ebook.  We'll send you even more freebies and helpful resources when you sign up for our newsletter.  To sign-up, just send a blank email to [email protected] or visit our homepage - to sign-up using the web form. 

Finally, take the time to read through the rest of the page and see what other products and classes we have to offer.  You can also browse our catalog.  There are some special coupons and offers available just for you when you scroll down the page.  We will be having some great sales this summer also, so again, make sure you get signed up for our newsletter.

What Really Happened - A Collection of 6 Historical Biographies

We are pleased to give you a sampling of 6 biographies from our very popular book series entitled What Really Happened... - retail value $12.95 - 162 pages of delightful family reading.  We hope that you enjoy your learning moments together.

To download, simply right-click here and choose a destination for the file on your computer (we suggest your desktop so that you can easily find it again).  Your computer will do the rest. 

If you have any trouble, send an email to [email protected]

Save $12.85 when you purchase all three books with our combination special price of $35.00 - What Really Happened - scroll about halfway down the page for combo special.  These books include a total of 24 historical biographies highlighting individuals who impacted our world from the time of creation to the end of the 19th century.  Individual titles retail for $15.95.  Save over 25% when you purchase all three together.

Would you like to save even more?  There is a coupon included on the first page of the ebook.  Download your copy today and maximize your savings!

Globalmania: Master World Geography in Just 7 Months

Thank you for visiting with us during the Expo and for your interest in our expanding line of history and geography products!  As part of our participation in the Ultimate Homeschool Expo, we are pleased to give you our very popular ebook entitled GLOBALMANIA:  Master World Geography in Just 7 Months - retail value $12.95.  We hope that you take the challenge and enjoy your learning moments together.

To download, simply right-click here and save the file to your desktop or some other memorable place on your computer.  If you have any trouble, send an email to [email protected].


Math Can Be Fun!


Because you are our special guests, we hope that you enjoy this sample lesson from week 13 of our Homeschooling ABCs class - Math Can Be Fun! (In Fact, It Should Be)

To download, simply right-click here and save the file to your desktop or some other memorable place on your computer.  If you have any trouble, send an email to [email protected].


Other titles you might want to look into:


A Child's Geography by Ann Voskamp

The Star-Spangled State Book & Workbook by Joel F. King

Blackline Maps of World History (and American History too)

Wall Timelines of World History

Wonders of Old (Timeline Book of World History)

Also, we would like to give you a coupon code UHSE which will give you $5.00 off the price of any of the books above.  Truly, you are welcome to use the coupon for anything you might find of interest on our website.  Coupon expires 06/30/09.

Here's a Special Unadvertised Bonus

As a bonus with your download today, you will also receive a FREE trial subscription to our Homeschooling ABCs class where we teach new homeschoolers how to get their homeschool up and running in 48 hours or less, teach specifically to their children's unique learning styles, select the best possible curriculum for their family, how to stay focused, on-track and even organized.  Receive over $250 in curriculum bonuses with each class membership.

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