Greetings from Knowledge Quest. History makes sense using maps and timelines.

Timelines came next!

We were excited that our kids were learning geography alongside history, but there was still something missing.

History can easily become a jumble of people, dates and events. It is hard to keep it all straight. And it is really hard to understand which events came first, which events were happening at the same time, and which ones occurred because of something else that triggered them. We realized that we needed a timeline!

Since we were already selling maps, it seemed to only make sense to create and sell timelines too. Now the dilemma, which kind?

We bought a huge "offset" banner-style printer and began rolling out 10 foot timelines for four different time periods - Ancient, Medieval, New World and Modern. Here is an image of part of the modern timeline:

However, not everyone has 10 feet of uninterrupted wall space to hang a beautiful banner (we don't in our current home). And while the linear representation of a wall timeline is ideal (especially for kids in 4-6 grades), it is not always the most practical. Enter the book timeline, the software timeline and the mobile app timeline. :) Which one is best for you and your family? Check out our handy guide to choosing below:

Note: timelines are best used with students grade 5 and up.