Greetings from Knowledge Quest. History makes sense using maps and timelines.

How We Got Started - Historical Outline Maps

My name is Terri Johnson. In 2000, I was reading a book entitled The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. In this book, she recommended that students color and label historically based outline maps to better grasp history and geography.

However, at that time, such maps did not exist. Ambitious homeschool mom that I was (smile), I set out to create my own for my own children and through a series of unforeseen events, these maps became published in the Story of the World series, which was first published the following year.

Since that time, we have been creating maps (along with many other products) to complement popular history curricula in the homeschooling marketplace.

To truly understand and appreciate a resource, it's important to try it out for yourself. That's why we assembled a large sampler of Map Trek that you can download and use with your kids today. Included in this pack is 32 maps - labeled teacher maps and unlabeled student maps - along with lesson plans. Just print out a few and scatter them on the table along with some colored pencils and just see what happens! Even better, read an appropriate selection from a history text, such as Story of the World or Mystery of History, and have them label a few locations on the map. They will be learning history and geography in an integrated way and having fun too!