Timeline of Jamestown Events


Sir Francis Drake returns to England from voyage around the world.


Raleigh's fleet of seven vessels under Richard Genville and Ralph Lane,

along with 108 men, reach Roanoke Island in June.


In June, Sir Francis Drake arrives from Florida and removes the Lane

Colony to England


Sir Richard Grenville and three ships arrive at Roanoke in August.


Sir Walter Raleigh sends 150 men, women and children to plant the city

of Raleigh on the Chesapeake Bay.


Sir Walter Raleigh sends Samuel Mace on a voyage to Virginia to

gather plant materials and to search for survivors of the Lost Colony.


James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England.


The fleet leaves London on December 20.


April 30 - Ships arrive at Cape Comfort.


May 14 - Begin to build the fort and set some to watch.  They name

their settlement for James I.


May 14 - Several of the men spend 6 days exploring the James River

up to the falls and Powhatan's village.


May 26 - 200 armed Indians attack Jamestown, killing 1 and wounding 11.


June 10 - John Smith released from arrest and sworn in as member of

the council.


June 15 - The Fort is finished being triangular in shape with three bulwarkes

at each corner and 4-5 pieces of artillery mounted in each one.

  June 22 - Capt. Christopher Newport sets sail for England


September 10 - President Wingfield was deposed and Ratcliffe elected.


December - John Smith is captured at Openchancanough.


January - Newport returns with more supplies and approximately 100

new settlers and finds only 38 survivors.


Powhatan releases John Smith.


Fire destroys all of the houses in the Jamestown fort.


April 10 - Newport again sails for England

  September 10 - John Smith is elected President


October - Newport arrives with the second supply and the first two

women to join the settlement.


May 23 - Virginia Company establishes role of Governor which replaces

the former Council.


August - 200-300 settlers arrive in Jamestown, including women and



Jamestown is burnt down and rebuilt again.


September 10 - Capt. George Percy replaces Capt. John Smith as

president of the Council.


Smith returns to England in the fall to recover from a gunpowder wound

and never returns to Virginia.


May 24 - Sir Thomas Gates, Virginia's 1st governor, issues the Divine, Moral and

Martial Laws.


June 7 - Gates decides to abandon Jamestown.


August - Sir Gates returns to Virginia with more settlers and reassumes

his control as Governor.


Elizabeth City and Henrico are established, marking the beginning of

expansion beyond Jamestown.


John Rolfe imports tobacco seeds from Trinidad.


John Rolfe exports first crop of tobacco to England


April - Pocahontas, a daughter of Powhatan, the powerful leader of 30

Indian tribes in Virginia, is kidnapped and brought to Jamestown.


February - Gates again leaves Virginia, leaving Sir Thomas Dale as

Deputy Governor.


April 5 - John Rolfe and Pocahontas are married at Jamestown, after she

is baptized in the Anglican Church.


An 8 year period of peace begins between the English colonists and

Powhatan's tribes.

1617 Pocahontas becomes sick and dies while in England.


July 30 -The 1st representative assembly in the New World convened in

the Jamestown church.


King James revoked the charter of the Virginia Company and Virginia

becomes a royal colony.


The capital of Virginia was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg.


The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA)

acquires 22 1/2 acres of Jamestown land, including the 1639 church tower.


The remaining acreage on the island was acquired by the National Park

Service and is now jointly operated by the APVA and the NPS.


Excavation begins.  More information on the dig.


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