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Thanks for the samples!  They are great! I was pleased by the quantity and quality of the maps. - Michelle

Includes two maps from each of our four time period packets - First Cities and Ancient Civilizations and the Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt from our Ancient packet - The Norman Conquests and Medieval China from our Middle Ages packet - Native American Tribal Groups and the Expansion of Sweden from our New World packet - and Italy United and the British Empire from our Modern set.  This sampler is completely FREE and there is no obligation for further purchase.  Enjoy.

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Wonders of Old Timeline Book

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Greece and Rome
Civil War
World War II

Below are sample timeline figures from History Through the Ages:

:  Actual size of figures is approximately 2.5x1.5 inches

Here are some sample symbols from Timeline Category Stickers:

Note:  Actual size of stickers is approximately 1 inch in diameter.  There is a slight color variation from screen images above to actual printed stickers.
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