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Jamestown - 400 years - 1607-2007

Quad-Pack CD:  A Jamestown Discovery

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Unlock the secrets of Jamestown and discover the history and geography of this historic English settlement established on American soil by clicking on the links below.  These four learning tools are suitable for all ages & learning styles!  Questions or comments?  Please send us an emailAND PLEASE... if you want to share this information with a friend, yahoo group or support group, send them to our sign-up page - www.kqpublishing.org/signup.htm.  Thank you!

Pocahontas: Maiden of Peace

by Jennaya Dunlap


Find out about the rest of the series!

Captain John Smith

as told by Little Bear Wheeler


Listen to another right here!

James Towne Map - labeled

James Towne Map - unlabeled

Lesson Plans

More maps like these!

Timeline of Jamestown events

Blank Timeline Pages


More timeline solutions!

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