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How would you like to bake a gorgeous cheesecake like this?


Searching for the perfect cheesecake recipe?

I, Todd, have been on the hunt for a great cheesecake recipe for quite a while.  I love cheesecake and my attempts to bake one have often resulted in a flat and unimpressive cake. 

Is it too much to ask for a recipe that results consistently in a tall, creamy and delicious cheesecake?  Absolutely not!  And I have found not only 1, but 150 scrumptious cheesecake recipes.  They can be found in this book, America's Best Cheesecakes by Joyce Ryan.  The book cover may not be impressive, but the recipes are. 


This book not only includes 150 recipes, but also 33 plus variations on the "classic cheesecake" recipe.  Some of the flavors include - Chocolate Brownie, Espresso, Trifle, Cranberry Vanilla, Apple Pie, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Lemon, Peach Melba and so many more...  Just $12.95!

(softcover - 127 pgs)



(This is not a stock photo - I baked this classic style cheesecake with sour cream topping myself and my wife took the picture!)

If you would like proof before you buy the book, download a free recipe, along with five of the most helpful hints I've found for baking a tasty and eye-appealing cheesecake.  I think that you will find, as I have, that cheesecake success can be found.  Delight your family tonight with a delicious cheesecake!

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Do you have the right equipment?

Springform pans are the best choice for baking a successful cheesecake.  In need of one?  Click on one of the two links below for a selection of qualilty and inexpensive springform pans.  With the right equipment and a proven recipe, you can bake a beautiful and delicious cheesecake that will delight your family and friends the next time you entertain.




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