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Big Moving Sale!

Yes, we are moving in April and need to lighten our load...

We are packing up our home and business and heading back to the state of Oregon.  Texas is great and we have made some fantastic friends whom we will miss sorely, but family calls and it's time to head home.  There are a few products that we would rather not tote along with us and that means great savings for youThese are the steepest discounts we have ever had!  Sale will end at midnight on Sunday, March 18!

First some explanations, so you will know why we are selling off these items at such low prices...

  1. We will no longer be carrying Story of the World products in our catalog or on our website.  We still love the books and audios but it doesn't make as much sense for us to carry the line anymore.  Our apologies... These are now SOLD OUT.

  2. Same story with Biblioplan.  We love the curriculum, and will continue to recommend it as we always have, but we will no longer be carrying the product on our shelves.  Our apologies... These have all SOLD OUT!

  3. We are selling the MapAids Y2 CDs at wholesale prices this week.  Why?  Tapestry of Grace is putting out a new redesigned plan for Year 2 and they are switching a couple of the maps to different weeks.  A revised MapAids disk will be coming out as well.  This new disk will only have a few minor changes, but will coordinate better with the redesigned plan.  So... if you want a great bargain and a fantastic set of maps for the middle ages (whether you use Tapestry of Grace or not), we are selling these at a fantastic blow-out price this week.  Only $14.95!

  4. Some of our hardbound books of Blackline Maps of World History came without the reproducible CD.  So, if you already have the CD, but would love to have a copy of the hardcover book, these are going for an incredibly low price this week.  Remember, though, that there are no CDs in the back of these books, but they are in otherwise perfectly new condition.  Just $15.00 for this beautiful hardcover book!

  Please note: We have just a few of each of the Story of the World titles and Biblioplan sets.  We have many MapAids CDs and World History hardcover books.

If you have any questions or comments, of course, just send us an email at [email protected].

These are all sold out.  Sorry!

Biblioplan for Families


These are all sold out.  Sorry!

MapAids Y2 CDs

Here's what folks are saying about MapAids:

"These maps are gorgeous!  I just love the clarity.  This is a resource that is so valuable to us teachers, especially for the upper levels which really become difficult to teach.  When our family cycles back through Tapestry of Grace at these higher levels, having the teacher maps with answers will be so helpful!" - Jean

"Fantastic job!  These maps will be a tremendous help to moms.  I am looking forward to this additional tool with our Tapestry program!" - Pam

"I learned a bunch just looking ahead to these geography assignments!  HA!  At the risk of sounding redundant, these will be SO helpful in our homeschool.  Thank you for your dedication to this project!" - Beta Tester

Would you like to see some samples?

MapAids Y2

Year 2 MapAids CD


$14.95 (reg. $24.95) Save $10 (40% discount)

Blackline Maps of World History

The Complete Set

5000BC - the Present


Hardcover edition


$15.00 (reg $45.00 w/CD) Save $30 (66% discount)



Now you can have hundreds of historical outline maps at your finger tips.  Save yourself countless hours scouring the internet for the perfect map for your history lesson!  Recommended by The Well-Trained Mind!


"I got mine today! I love them! I love the convenience! My son loves them! Why didn't I order these earlier instead of spending hours scouring the internet for maps that didn't quite work?" - Sharon

Have a great week.  I hope that you take some time to learn about the life and times of St. Patrick!

P.S. Don't forget that this sale will only last through Sunday, March 18th at midnight. 


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