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Greetings from the Johnson family! We are a homeschooling family with six children. We love educating our children at home and have been doing so for about 15 years. We have used various methods and curricula throughout the years, but have often found that a resource we wished for simply didn’t exist. These holes in the homeschool marketplace are what led us to create some of the materials that you will find across our websites.

We began our business – Knowledge Quest, Inc. – in 2001 with the desire to produce simple black and white maps that children could label and color while studying both world and American history. I can still remember that first map packet that we had copied at our local print shop :-) . Our efforts eventually expanded into producing 10 foot wall timelines, a hardcover timeline book, a historical biography series along with some additional geography resources that would delight the whole family.

We have enjoyed working with other authors to bring you the best resources possible in the fields of history and geography. Recently, however, we became troubled by all of the uncertainty and doubt we were hearing from fellow homeschool parents when they would call to inquire about books and products for their families. More often than not, the conversation would turn to other subjects, the most common being the fear of making mistakes and not feeling confident about their curriculum decisions, teaching methods and learning styles.

We stumbled upon the idea of teaching homeschooling parents how to homeschool with confidence and our Homeschooling ABCs class was born. Shortly thereafter, we unveiled our high school level class as well.

In 2011, our business took another exciting turn as we jumped into creating educational mobile apps for the iphone and ipad. This year, we published our first magazine on the topic of history – Quest Magazine: The Ultimate Way for Kids and Families to Learn History. I hope you’ll check it out! This is an exciting time to be homeschooling and we are pleased that the Lord is leading us to be of greater help in the lives of others.

We hope that you enjoy perusing this website, as well as our main Knowledge Quest site. Please feel free to send any comments or questions to us at [email protected]

God bless,

Todd and Terri (and the kids)

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