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Welcome to Knowledge Quest... Where the pursuit of knowledge, truly knowing as opposed to temporary learning, is our ultimate goal in education.  

It is our belief that the study of history in the elementary years should include all three aspects:  When did it happen?  Where did it happen?  And who did it happen to?  

Our maps are designed to help you teach the WHERE of history.  It is difficult to teach places of historical happenings when the only maps available show current political boundary divisions.  How can a child really understand and mentally see what geographical region the Roman Empire encompassed when it not only spread through dozens of countries, but three continents as well.

To find out more about the design and purpose of these maps and their use in your homeschool or classroom, click on Our Products.

"Terri Johnson's maps are ideal for the grammar-stage learner;
they are clear, uncluttered, accurate, and perfect for coloring.
  I highly recommend them as a simple but effective way to develop
the young student's geographical awareness of the ancient world."

Susan Wise Bauer, co-author of "The Well-Trained Mind"

"We love these maps.  What an incredibly helpful tool!  
Children seem to gain so much from visualizing geographically
what they are studying.  I think this is a wonderful product and
would enhance any study of history."

Gregg and Sono Harris, authors of "The Christian Home School"
and "The Home School Organizer"

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