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Our maps were designed to supplement your study of history during the elementary grades.  For your convenience, they have been broken down into four time periods.  This way, you may purchase all of them at once as a Complete Set, or only the time period you are currently studying.  We offer to you permission to make copies for your own individual and family needs.  Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for information on quantity sale discounts.  For each packet of maps we include discussion questions and suggestions for further labeling on each map.  To see a table of contents and a sample map, click on the links below.

Also, now available through Knowledge Quest is Susan Wise Bauer's recently published book "The Story of the World, Vol 1: Ancient Times".  Click on the page link below for more details.

Our product line is expanding!  Knowledge Quest now carries the Timeline Kits created by Dawning Ideas.  Currently only the first three are available, but eventually there will be a total of four - each one covering a different time period.
5000BC - 500AD
500 - 1500AD
1492 - 1850
1850 - The Present
The Complete Set
(All four time periods plus extra unlabeled maps assembled in an attractive view binder.)

The Complete Set

(Identical to the paper version, with the addition of an index with navigatible links.  All files in PDF format.  Mac and Windows compatible)
Vol 1: The Ancients
by Susan Wise Bauer

Story of the World, Vol. 2
will be available late fall, 2002.  Stay posted!