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The Star-Spangled State Book

We hope that you had a wonderful Independence Day! While we are no longer giving this ebook away in its entirety, you can still grab the first section of the book to see if you love it as we do! Simply right click on each of the links below the image and choose "save target as". The book has been broken down into four manageable portions for easier downloading. Choose a location on your computer, such as your desktop, and your ebook sections will begin to download. This book is suitable for children age 5 - 95!

The Star-Spangled State Book - Part 1

 Special 3 Day Sale! More from Joel King!

The Road to the White House Table GAME - Only 40 left! (Ships in 1 week)

Quantity: $14.95 (regular price is $24.95)

My favorite educational products are those that you do not have to FORCE on your children! This game is one of them! Trust me, they will play this game on their own without any prompting from you. You will want to play yourself!

We received this brand new game from Joel King last week and have played multiple times, enjoying the strategy as well as the knowledge that we are gaining. "The Road to the White House" is a fun (and strategic) game where young children (and even some adults) will learn the locations of the 50 states and a bit about electoral votes and presidential elections in a way I've never seen before!
Components of the game include 1) a laminated map of the U.S. with the states electoral votes, 2) a deck of 56 cards that includes all 50 states and Washington, D.C., 4 regional bonus cards, and one special card that allows you to jump to any state, 3) four crayons, and 4) an instruction booklet. 

The Road to the White House

The Presidential Scrapbook - SOFTCOVER

Quantity:   $12.95 (regular price is $18.95
Come along as we journey back through time and get acquainted with our nation's presidents, from General George Washington to our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama. Find out about the events that propelled these men into the highest office of the United States of America and what remarkable and memorable deeds marked each of their presidencies. This scrapbook of America's presidents documents humble beginnings, historic triumphs, stirring speeches, heroic attempts, utter disasters, patriotic loyalty and strange coincidences - did you know that two former presidents died on America's 50th birthday? Walk through 225 years of United States history through the eyes of our presidents. And when you are finished, and think that you have learned all that you can, try your hand at the President Quizzes to find out how much you really know!

 The Star-Spangled State Book - SOFTCOVER book - same as the book above, except that it's a printed book that arrives in your mailbox! Place this book on your coffee table and watch your kids devour it! Truly!

Quantity: $10.00 (regular price $18.95)

The companion workbook, which turns the State Book into a full year US geography curriculum, is available on CD-ROM.

The Star-Spangled Workbook

Quantity:    $10.00

This book comes on a reproducible CD-ROM, so that you can buy just one for your whole family! Read more about this book and download samples here.

View the rest of our product line, including the A Child's Geography series and the What Really Happened... series.

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