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Living a Proverbs 31 Life in a Romans 1 World

My name is Terri. Welcome to my blog!

Here you will find my musings as I find my way to becoming the woman I was created to be. I believe the key to finding her is the Spirit, who unlocks the Word for me.

Here are some qualities that I find in Proverbs 31. Some I do well enough; others are a down-right struggle.

She spins wool and flax (v 13) – Instead of wool, I spin words and images into books.

She brings food from afar (v 14) – I luck out on this one, as we have a grocery store in town. I hope you do too!

She gets up before dawn (v 15) – I seriously need to work on this one. I love to sleep in!

to prepare breakfast for her household (v 15) – I have trained my kids to get their own breakfast. I only make breakfast about once a week. I really don’t want to change in this area.

She buys real estate (v 16) – We own property in Texas, but live in Oregon. What is wrong with this picture?

She is energetic and strong; a hard worker (v 17) – I am lazy by nature. I seek improvement here.

Her lamp burns late into the night (v 18) – No problem with this one. I am a sleep-deprived maniac. :)

The list goes on, but I won’t extrapolate verse by verse. That is what this blog is for! I will cover the areas of productivity, organization, health, finances, child-rearing and homeschooling. Sometimes I write about self-publishing and home business as it applies. These are the things I love.

I like to write and blog, but I’m not nearly as consistent as I should be. Here are some popular posts you might find interesting and encouraging to read:

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People ask me all the time what I am currently working on. I am excited to share…

I am writing the third volume of A Child’s Geography, called Explore the Classical World. It is the third book in a series that introduces the wonders of our world to grade school children. A Charlotte Mason style history and geography curriculum, this book gives children a flavor of the world without leaving home. Learning about our world has never been easier or more fun.

Would you like to get updates on this book and our other projects? We are constantly creating new resources to bring history and geography to life… biographies, curricula, interactive ebooks and mobile apps. Sign up for our newsletter to the right.

Here’s a little more about me:

I grew up in the suburbs in a good family to hard-working parents. I went to public school and mostly hated it. I was harassed and ill-treated in junior high; fell in with some rough crowds in high school. Now, my childhood family is splintered by distance and interests. It seems that only a wedding or funeral brings us together. I want something different for my own family.

Todd and I met at summer camp. We know a lot of goofy songs that we sing in the evening to our children because of it. We’ve been married for nearly 24 years. We live out in the country and homeschool our kids. We have six of ‘em!

We weren’t planning to homeschool. It just happened through a series of seemingly random events. We’ve been at it now for 15 years.

We both work from home too. We didn’t plan that one out either, but here we are working and teaching alongside each other. Knowledge Quest, Inc. is now in its 12th year of operation. We usually like working together.

Sometimes we argue over dumb stuff, like whether we should send labels through the laser jet or buy a separate label printer. Or whether darks and lights should be mixed when washed. (Psst… they shouldn’t!) Or whether pop-tarts are a nutritionally suitable breakfast food. (Nope, they are not!).

Our kids are growing fast. With one graduated and another a senior in high school, we realize how fast this time does fly. Those old people weren’t kidding. We’ve got 2 daughters in junior high and then a 2nd grader and a kindergartener. 4 girls and 2 boys. We’ve got a ways to go still, but it is a fun and exhausting adventure. We continue to choose to homeschool despite the challenges and daily work load. It is the best choice for our family right now.

Professionally, I am a publisher, writer and speaker. I enjoy all three, but truth be known, I am most comfortable hiding behind a computer screen. For that reason, blogging suits me well. The Lord is still working on my self-esteem and confidence level. I am a work in progress.

Thanks for reading! Glad to have you on this adventure with me. Please feel free to write to me with any questions or comments that you have about this blog or Knowledge Quest, Inc., our family business. I can be reached at terri @ kqpublishing.org. God bless!

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