Kickin’ it to the Finish Line

We’re nearly there! Pat yourself on the back for reaching the finish line! You are a superstar – a champ! Most homeschooling parents like to take a summer break of some length even if it does not last a full 3 months. And we’re so close, we can almost touch it. But with the sun shining brightly outside and the weather warming up, it can be difficult to stay focused and finish the school year strong.

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Here are 3 ideas to add some “kick” as you approach the finish line:

1. Change it up! Do something new to keep interest high as you compete for your kids’ attention. We asked our friends on Facebook what they do to regain their children’s attention or to stop fighting for it. Here are their ideas:

  • Go outside and run!
  • Turn up the music and dance!
  • Read aloud a chapter from an engrossing book
  • Do a unit study (like the free New Zealand one here)
  • Take a hike in the woods and collect something
  • Do push-ups or laps
  • Go to the park
  • Go to the library
  • 10 minutes on the trampoline
  • Play a board game
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Do an art project
  • Watch educational videos
  • Play educational computer games
  • Play Globalmania

2. Look Up! If you have been homeschooling your kids since August or September, then you might have your head down with your shoulder to the wheel. Sometimes we are just putting one foot in front of the other, homeschooling by rote, just to get by. Sometimes that is all we can do. But I encourage you to take a deep breath and look up!

Look into the faces of your children and truly see them. Take a hard look at your schedule and determine if it needs tweaking for your final weeks of school to make it work better for you (it’s okay to lighten it up). Open your eyes to the opportunities around you and make the most of them. Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry or so determined to accomplish something, that we lose the joy. Don’t lose the joy!

3. Throw an End-of-the-Year Party! We like to throw historical feasts 2-3 times a year, with one to finish up the school year. We dress in costume, cook period appropriate dishes and follow the social customs of the day. On our final day of school, we will also give out evaluations for our students up through 8th grade and updated transcripts with grades for our high school students. It is a fun night of recognition and makes for very fond memories. These memories last throughout the summer so that the idea of starting back to school is pleasant and doesn’t produce groans from the kids.



Question: What are you doing to finish this year strong?

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  • Donna Lou Thomas

    We are going to take a field trip to the Natural History Museum!!

  • Emily

    We are finishing our history notebooks and timelines.

  • NaConda N Frank

    Organizing & reviewing with the kids

  • Kendra

    Our children currently attend public school, and I am encouraging & praying with them to stay focused and do their best. Our oldest son (11), who is entering 6th grade and has high functioning autism (PDD-NOS), has aged out of the summer school program. I am now looking for studies to carry him through the summer, along with our other 3 children, ages 9, 7 & 3. I’m looking forward to the adventure- with God’s wisdom & grace! :)

  • victoria

    We are doing a lewis and clark unit study and taking several field trips

  • Rachel Poe

    We have already finished strong! We celebrated the last few weeks of school by counting down the days until we were finished!

  • Shawn Sullivan

    Just trying to tidy up work so that both kids meet their goals for the year

  • Julia B

    DD is finishing public school this year, then we will begin homeschooling in August

  • Kimberly Brabston Helton

    Officially we are done! Yeah! Due to one son having a broken arm the last couple weeks we took things light. Stargazing with our astronomy, doing some light work, and watching nature videos.

  • Lisa

    Focusing on the important stuff and not worrying about the rest!

  • Stacy

    We have 1.5 weeks left in Kindergarten and will be wreiting a book over that time! (a short, age-appropriate book of course) :)

  • camille l

    finishing strong, by keep on, keepin’ on, planning, cleaning out closet’s etc,

  • Mel Bourn

    We are finishing public school in 2 weeks, the will begin with some light studies on the Civil War…chosen by my middle schooler. Super excited.

  • Teish

    Tossing in some fun projects that we never seem to get to, like trying out a small garden!

  • Terra Jones

    this is our first year homeschooling (started in November) and we’re just trying to finish. Period. Haha! We didn’t have any goals but to survive to June. Almost there! :-D

  • Judy Gehlert Reath

    Surviving, scaling back, dealing with necessary and unexpected issues.

  • fibia

    Doing crafts, hands on projects.

  • Hydrangeas and Harmony

    We’re finishing up elective subjects and getting to some fun hands-on enrichment activities that have been on the back burner.

  • J

    My kids are each taking a favorite topic to do a unit study, project or lapbook.

  • Kadonna

    We’re reviewing what we’ve already learned and incorporating more fun learning opportunities throughout the week.

  • Katrina Morgan

    Working on organizing & prepping for next year

  • bgsmama

    we are keeping up the pace! rather than slacking off, we are just taking our work with us – going outside, getting hands on, taking day trips. we can certainly do more activities like this when the weather is cooperating! :)

  • Sheila

    We are taking our learning outdoors!

  • Tammy Jackson

    Having fun reviewing for EOG, organizing curriculum and being outside in this beautiful weather as much as possible!

  • Piwimama

    DD8 has finished her testing so we are trying to finish up man subjects and are working on reflecting on the things that worked this year and things that might need a change up next year!

  • Dall Bariscak

    We are note booking, taking field trips and doing as much as we can outside!

  • Amber Matlock

    We’re slowing things down and taking it easy!

  • Shelly J.

    We’re concentrating on the three R’s!

  • Michelle W.

    Trying to get some schooling done each day even with all of the added end of school year activities that are going on around us.

  • Amy Morgan

    We are going to do a nature study of birds and medieval history notebook over the summer months.

  • Carrie

    Weve just moved halfway across the country, so we are exploring our new area to finish the year strong!

  • Sarai

    We are getting most of our wok done in the morning so that the children can play outside for hours at a time. We live by a Nationtional Forest and there are plenty of places where they can play and build forts.

  • Patty N Cole Roth

    We are finishing up all of our lap-books and notebooks. Organizing it all into a three ring binders and finding creative ways to display all the hard work.

  • Heather

    I went to convention for a pick me up :)

  • Amy Jones

    We are finishing strong by looking forward to summer activities. Lots of motivation!

  • Judy

    We are finishing up history and science the first week of June then work on the 3 R’s until the last week of July. We are going camping in August.

  • Sarah S

    We do year round homeschooling, so we aren’t quite finishing up the year, bit we are loving the outdoor projects, planting gardens and learning about seeds, as well as school outside. I think a party would be so fun, maybe a pioneer one to go with what we studied this year!

  • Pam S

    We have done more things outside…like camping. And, we have done reviews using some free internet sites.

  • Chiana Sanderson

    Finish… who’s finishing. We usually transition to a summer schedule of huge reading lists, nature study and family fun. We usually stop 90% academics for 2 weeks and the kids have gotten used to learning in a new but continual way in the summer.

  • Jules

    Listening to my daughter.

  • mackenziefoust

    praying to Jesus we make it to the end of the year!

  • Julie

    No finish in sight here…. we just keep going. And going. We may take a day off once a week, but the boy is learning multiplication now, and we can’t take too long of a break, or it is hard for him to get into it again.

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