Write That Book, Part 4

Okay, chapter 1 is in the works!

This is a mini-blog series to help you finally and thoroughly write that book that you have always wanted to write. You can do this!


I am giving myself 10 months to write the next volume of A Child’s Geography. I am excited about this one. The subtitle is Explore Medieval Kingdoms and I am rather a medieval history nut, so this is really rather fun!

Last week, I told you that I had broken the book down into manageable chunks and was beginning on chapter 1. But you don’t have to start on Chapter 1! That is the beauty of this type of writing.

If you break down your book into topics and subtopics and use a writing editor such as Scrivener, you can begin writing in any part of the book that you choose. My first chapter is about Spain and I was excited to dive right into that country’s history and geography, so that’s where I started.

Have you begun your research yet? I hope so.

Now, I am writing my rough draft. Remember, writing and editing are two very different skills. So different that they use opposite halves of your brain. DO NOT DO THEM AT THE SAME TIME! For now, just write.

Yes, I know, it might be terrible, but don’t worry about it. You will edit later. Just get your thoughts, facts and research out onto the page. Create an outline before you write. I realize that most people hate outlining, but your outline is your map that tells you where to go. Without an outline, you might get lost. And we don’t want that to happen or you might set your book down and not pick it back up for a while.

Here is another writing/re-writing/editing tip for you. Write your book on your computer using a word processing program such as Word or Scrivener (OR a pad of paper and pencil if you prefer). Next, print out your rough draft, three-hole-punch it and place your pages into a binder. This way, you can carry it around with you wherever you go and mark it up as you think about it. I carry my unfinished book around with me everywhere because I never know when I might have a thought that I need to write down or a spare moment to work on it.

Otherwise, if you find yourself without your book in hand and your computer is at home, you can always send yourself a voice memo or note on your phone if you have an inspiring thought or phrase that you want to remember to write in your book.

That’s it for now! For me, I need to get back to my rough draft writing about the many-faceted and truly remarkable land of Spain.

Question: How is your writing coming? Are you following along with me?

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