The In-Between

Have you heard the phrase… living in the in-between? It’s not unlike living in the moment… It’s when you realize that you are in a place where something you have looked forward to has passed and there is a stretch of time before the next big event happens in your life. It’s the “in-between”.

The “in-between” sounds like it’s the dull place, the mundane, the everyday drudgery of life, doesn’t it? But it’s not! It is in the “in-between” that the magic happens. We just have to open our eyes to see it. Open your eyes…


Capture it! Hold it! Embrace it! The wonder of life and love and friendship happens when nothing special is happening. How can we learn to live in the in-between? Here’s how…

3 Ways to Live in the In-Between

Maybe the big vacation is past but school has not yet started… Maybe the wedding is over and it will be years before the grandchildren arrive… Maybe the baby is now walking and talking but not yet ready for biking and hiking… Maybe you’ve finished a big project and not yet ready to start the next…

These are “in-between” times of our lives, but it doesn’t mean that our lives are on hold! It’s time to open your eyes… all 3 of them!

1. Open the eye of the poet… Look for what stirs your emotions, grab it, think on it, write it down.

2. Open the eye of the photographer… Capture those moments that stir your soul by taking a photograph or jotting it down in a notebook.

3. Open the eye of the actor… Enter the play; don’t just observe. Observation is okay some of the time, but too often we are bystanders on the stage of life when we were meant to participate. When you see the kids jumping on the trampoline, join them! When you see someone struggling, help them! When you hear someone practicing the piano, listen to him!

Here’s what happened on my ordinary, in-between afternoon:





And then I was invited to the party!


This was a priceless moment I nearly missed because I was so busy doing nothing too special.

Question: How can you live more fully in the in-between moments of your life?

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  • Joyfulmomof6

    Awesome and necessary reminder! It’s so, so hard for me to remember to do this, but it’s always a blessing when I do.
    The best moments are unplugged…..:)

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