Map Trek Drawing

Have you ever been teaching a history lesson when one of your children pipes up with a question. “Mom, is Carthage a city in Oregon or some other country?” Oh dear, you think to yourself and then calmly explain, “Honey, first of all, Oregon is a state, not a country. And Carthage no longer exists, but I think it was located on the northern tip of Africa across the Mediterranean Sea from Italy.” After receiving two or more questions along this vein, you realize that you need some better resources.

Actually, you only need ONE!

Map Trek is a historical atlas plus outline maps that allow you to teach geography alongside history. This is a resource that any homeschool parent can use with brilliant success, even if you don’t remember a thing from your history or geography classes in public school.

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  • Youthful One

    I will use this joyfully with Heart of Wisdom. :D

  • donna

    Over sea countries

  • Amy

    I’d use MapTrek along with Simply Charlotte Mason history resources.

  • Robin Thibodeaux High

    Story of the World

  • Tawna Jacobs

    I would use this with Creek Edge Press task cards!

  • Tawna Jacobs

    Also – the pinning isn’t working?

  • Rhonda Hagood


  • Lisa H.

    We are a Charlotte Mason family and would definitely put this to good use for our history. Thank you!!

  • Joy

    i don’t know what curriculum we are using yet, but I love this book and its flexibility.

  • Rebekah Kuriakose

    I would use this with everything. I’m putting together a Galloping the Globe theme this year, but use Heart of Dakota along with whatever comes my way the rest of the time.

  • Lynn Prucha

    We’re not sure what we are going with yet- it’s our 1st year!! You have an awesome product- I’ve been very impressed with all that I have seen- when we do make our final choices- I’m certain I will be a customer!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • rosanne

    I’m considering Heritage History.

  • Zekesmom10

    I am completely lost about a history curriculum. We are all over the place.

  • Erin G.

    We’re just starting with a 6 year old and I have no clue where to begin with history, other than the Bible (Genesis). Any recommendations?

  • Carlen

    I would use this with Mystery of History

  • MollyJ

    We will be using MFW this year – and this (I think) would go well!

  • Eloise

    I’m still unsure as to what we will be using for our History curriculum.

  • Stacey

    We love Map Trek! We would definitely use this!

  • Erin Marie

    I would use this with Story of the World. Thanks!

  • Dawn

    We are eclectic with history but love SOTW. And mine are just starting ask those same questions. Would be great to have a solid geography resource to help answer

  • Shari Frazee Zupan

    I would use it with the Bible and all of the books we read.

  • Kelly Schmidt

    We would use it with Mystery of History

  • Rebekah

    sotw and moh

  • Elizabeth Kegans

    I would actually use it with our eclectic history as well as our Geography course!

  • Shannon Kiser

    I’m not quite sure. I may not use it with history. I have Mystery of History on my book shelf right now, but I’m also looking into just spending more time with Geography and maps right now.

  • Susie Legg

    Thanks for the opportunity – I think my daughters and I would really enjoy this.

    • Susie Legg

      We would use it for Bible and Geography

  • toni nicholson

    Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to use this in my classroom.

  • Shannagr

    I make my own curriculum and KnowledgeQuest is one resource makes that possible!

  • Kate D

    We use Classical Conversations and my son just LOVES Geography and I’m relearning all that I forgot (or didn’t learn to begin with) in school!

  • Katrina

    We would use this with SOTW, and also with MoH (since we use both).

  • Sharlynn Knuth Sanders

    Not sure yet what we will be using for 11th grade…but we combine history with geography. Any ideas out there for curriculum?

  • Christy

    We use Classical Conversations and SOTW. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa John Rupertus

    MOH :D

  • HillaryM

    I’d use this with our MOH and TruthQuest.

  • Kim

    We use Biblioplan

  • Kristina S.

    I would use this with Galloping the Globe which incorporates history. :)

  • Stephanie

    We would use this with Diana Waring’s history.

  • Somethings Cookin

    We don’t use specific curriculum for anything. We enjoy maps though and I’d love to have this resource!

  • judith martinez


  • Jennifer H.

    We use SOW.

  • bethanylebedz

    Yes, please!!!

  • Michelle

    I would use it with Story of the World

  • Jennifer

    History is still ahead of us… not sure what we’ll be using but I’m happy to know about your materials.

  • M Mayo

    I would use this with various unit studies!

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