Submersible Bridge on the Corinth Canal

Excerpted from A Child’s Geography: Explore the Classical World (publication date 6/30/13)

How a submersible bridge works.

Let’s cross the canal and see what’s on the other side of this four-fingered peninsula. We can cross by train or by car on one of the five bridges spanning the canal. We’ll cross on one of the submersible bridges located at either end of the canal. A submersible bridge is a type of movable bridge that lowers into the water when a ship is coming. It is a rather unique type of bridge as most bridges spanning a canal or waterway lift or rise up to allow ships to pass underneath. Here comes a ship! We’ll have to wait to cross over the canal. Of course, we don’t mind a bit, because we can watch the bridge lower, lower, lower, and then disappear below the surface of the water. After several minutes, the large ship passes, and our bridge seems to magically rise from the water until it reaches the top of the canal and becomes level with our roadway. The line of waiting traffic is now free to pass over the bridge.

The video below is in Russian, but the final section shows the lowering and raising of the submersible bridge:

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