Keeping Our Kids Safe Online, Pt 1

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; and she laughs without fear of the future… She carefully watches everything in her household… Her children stand and bless her.” Proverbs 31:25-28

The Proverbs 31 woman is a mama bear! She gets fierce when the safety of her family is threatened. Shhh… listen… can you hear it? Probably not, but there is a lurking evil at your door. He is a serpent and he is seeking to steal, kill and destroy. It’s time to wake up! We must protect our children.

While we may be raising the most innocent, respectful, God-honoring, parent-honoring, and virtuous children, the enemy has no favorites. He is attempting to take them all out. Not just some, not just those that aren’t well-supervised, but all.

While we may not watch sitcoms with adult humor and click away from the Superbowl Halftime Show… While we may opt for old classics, such as the Sound of Music and only use the computer for educational software… While we may have devotions nearly every day and attend church nearly every week… Still, the enemy has no favorites. He is ready to take out our children with no questions asked.

As Christian parents, our goal has been to raise Godly children, who choose right over wrong, make wise choices and put each other first. We have applied ourselves to take the “world” out of our children, but not our children out of the world. Satan doesn’t care about our lofty goals. He plays to win.

But so do we!

I have learned that while my kids may do everything right (not that they always do) when it comes to responsible TV and computer use, the Internet is a very destructive space. It is my job to keep them safe. We place a great load of responsibility and risk on their shoulders if we do not set them up for success.

Here are 3 ways to set your kids up for success online:

1. Pray for your husband and your children! Absolutely, number-one, ask the Lord to protect your family. Ask Him to give you wisdom in monitoring screen time in your home. He wants you to win this war!

2. Discuss the issue of internet safety with your husband. Get on the same team and work together to find solutions that work well for your family. He should also be the one, if possible, to discuss these issues with your growing boys.

3. Set-up safeguards. Determine the appropriate locations for all screens in your home, whether they are TVs, computers, tablets or smartphones. Determine the appropriate hours for using said screens and devices. Determine the best software, filters and accountability for your computers and Internet access.

The next post will be Part 2 in Keeping Your Kids Safe Online. I’ll share with you my best tips for setting your kids up for success on the Internet and your computers. With a home business and 7+ computers in our home, we have had to do our research and try out several solutions to find a good one for us. I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sadly, they say that it is no longer a question of IF our kids will be exposed to garbage online, but WHEN. Let’s equip our kids to make the best choices possible with solid accountability that keeps them on track.

Ladies, let’s win this war!

Question: Is Internet safety an issue you have tackled with success in your home? What’s your #1 best tip?

Read Keeping Your Kids Safe Online, Part 2

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  • Karla Reisch Akins

    As a mama bear who did everything I thought I could to raise my boys to be Godly men I agree completely. It’s not if but when. The devil hates our kids and we are deceived if we think our children won’t be tempted. They are a target because the devil wants to steal their future. Great post!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Thanks, Karla. It’s easy to put our heads in the sand, but the enemy loves that response. It’s better to wise up and take action. Scary world we live in, but we are more than conquerors.

  • Lisa Raftery

    Great reminder! Exposure to something crazy is truly one innocent click away…

  • Lisa Raftery

    Great reminder! Exposure to something crazy is truly one innocent click away…

    • / Terri Johnson

      Sadly true. I’m glad for the safeguards we do have, but they aren’t bullet-proof. Thanks for your comment.

  • Homegrown Learners

    Thank you for this whole series — reading through it all this morning and it’s so beneficial!

    • / Terri Johnson

      You bet! I’m glad to share anything I have learned that can help others.

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