Becoming a Morning Person

For most of my life, I have craved sleep.

I cannot remember a time when I have sprung out of bed.

When I was a teen, I can remember my mother dragging my feet out of bed, so that I was half-on the bed and half-off. I could continue to sleep that way just fine.

When we were newlyweds, my husband would try to kiss me awake. My mouth would try to say leave me alone and let me sleep, but my groggy head and limp body continued to doze on. Sometimes the smell of fresh coffee would bring me to my senses. Then the kisses were welcome and exchanged.

As a young mother, I never rose before my children. I always waited until I had to get up. That was usually when my husband Todd was leaving for work and the kids were up and raring to go. I simply couldn’t stay in bed any longer.

Then something changed.

I turned 40.

I couldn’t sleep well any more.My sleep pattern changed. I began staying up later to spend time with my teens, who were busy most of the day. We watched detective shows or period dramas on TV together. I began staying up until 11 or 12, hoping I would be tired by the time my head hit the pillow.

I could usually fall asleep alright (unless the show was sad or disturbing). But then I would be wide awake at 3am and my mind wouldn’t begin to settle back into sleep until 6am, as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon and through the window.

Exhausted, I would fall back to sleep while Todd took over my morning duties with the family, as he now worked from home. I would sleep until 8:30 or 9:00, stumble out of my room exhausted and cranky and do my best to be a good mom and teacher as we began our school day.

This has been my sleep life for 4+ years.

Then something changed.

I became a morning person.

I am now getting 7-8 hours of good, solid sleep each night, waking refreshed and getting a whole lot more accomplished before I even see a child’s head peek around the corner. It feels great! I’ll tell you all about it in my next post.

Question: Are you a morning person or a night owl and do you like it that way?


(Click here to read part 2!)

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  • HomeschoolontheCroft

    I’m 46 now, and still like I’ve always been! I LOVE my bed, and have to drag myself out of it every. single. day. My hubby is up WAY before me and has left for work when I’m trying to drag myself out of bed. I would so love to be a morning person … but it just hasn’t happened.
    Like you, I tend to be quite late in going to bed – having teens has done this! I like to sit and chat, just like you, and we all head off to bed at the same time most nights (my husband is normally in bed much earlier – he’s falling asleep on the sofa hours before I head to bed!)
    I think my days would be transformed were I to get up earlier, but so far … I simply haven’t found a way. If I go to bed earlier at night, I can *not* sleep. There is no way my mind can switch off before 11.30pm. Just. no. way.

    So … no cures found here so far!

    • / Terri Johnson

      Hey HomeschoolontheCroft,

      You sound like my twin! I hope that some of what I have to share in part 2 is helpful for you. I never thought I would find a cure, but I’m going on 2 months now as a newfound morning person who is sleeping well at night. :)

  • Kylie

    I have CFS. On good weeks I can get by on about 9 hrs sleep. On bad weeks I need about 12 on very bad weeks I need about 16. I have never functioned before 7am no matter what I tried. Now with the CFS I have to stay in bed until I feel well enough to get up or I have a relapse.

  • Jamey

    I’m not a natural morning bird either. Plus my kids are 6, almost 5, just turned 4, and one on the way so mornings are already a) necessary and b) earlier than I’d like. My 6 year old is a true early bird waking up between 5-6. Luckily my husband gets up around then for work so I don’t have to, but I’m up between 6-7 anyway. I’ve found in various other times I can enjoy the morning IF I get enough sleep and IF I have can have peace to get those sorts of things that you mentioned done. Both peace and sleep are in short supply these days though. Maybe in another phase of life! :)

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