Who Else Wants a Casual Friday?

Like many of you, I’m a homeschool mom. We have a schedule we follow and various curricula that we use. We embrace the concept of delayed gratification in our home. After you get your work done, you can play. While we don’t take a radical digression, Fridays are different. Much like the workplace, Fridays are marked with variety and greeted with enthusiasm.

How so?

Fridays are the days that we play spelling games, color historical outline maps, mark our timelines, watch an educational video, and maybe finish up a little early. Sometimes we go on a field trip, enjoy a seasonal activity (like ice skating, sledding or snowshoeing in winter) or just read a little extra around the cozy woodstove.

Here are some good ideas for a casual Friday that still achieves educational goals:

1. Play a game – there are so many games that are educational, at least in part. Consider Monopoly, which requires that kids use math and money skills. Card and dice games usually require math computation. Word games generally stretch a child’s spelling and vocabulary skills. Scrabble is one that we enjoy often in our home. Games also provide many opportunities to learn how to win and lose well. Don’t neglect these teaching moments. Character training should be a higher priority than academics. :)

2. Go out! – Fridays are a great day for field trips, play dates, shopping, special activities… Coordinate with other families or go out alone. We like to visit our local science museum or take an occasional hike (if the sun comes out!). Various individuals in our co-op like to plan group field trips and we enjoyed many this past fall, such as museums, farms, planetarium, plays and concerts. Maybe you would like to plan an event for your friends or co-op. Always ask for a group discount. You will usually get it.

3. Change it up – Plan something on Friday that you do not do the other days of the week. We save our map and timeline activities for Fridays. We also save our videos for Fridays. We love the Moody science videos! Plus we have gotten some really good ones from Answers in Genesis. Your public library may be a good resource. If we don’t go out, we may plan to have friends over or just read extra in our book of choice. We are currently reading the Chronicles of Narnia and the Sacagawea series. Both are holding us on the edge of our seats!

What do you do on Fridays? Share some of your ideas?

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