The Lazy Person’s Way to Weight Loss

When it comes right down to it, I’m a rather lazy person. My dad informed me of this many times during my childhood and I have internalized it. My husband tells me this isn’t true, but I do enjoy a lazy day reading in front of a roaring fire in the winter or lounging around the pool in the summer. I don’t know whether I am truly lazy or not, but I do know that I don’t like exercise or once a month cooking. Too much effort.

This is a “how I did it” post since so many people have asked me about this topic. Last year, I lost 30 pounds. I lost this weight between March and July. I had been struggling with an extra 20-30 pounds for about 8 years. Sometimes I would lose some of the weight, but then I would gain it back, along with an extra pound or two while I was at it.

It felt hopeless, but I believe that I finally cracked the code to successful weight loss and maintenance last spring. Here’s what I did. You can do this too!

Here are Terri’s 7 secrets to weight loss or maintenance (since it really does have to be a permanent life style change):

1. Eat more often. That’s right. Instead of eating 3 big meals at day, I started eating 6 smaller meals throughout the day. I enjoyed breakfast within 30 minutes of waking. Then I continued to eat during the day every 2-3 hours. As long as I ate meals this frequently, I didn’t feel hungry.

2. Limit calorie intake. I restrict 5 of my meals to 150 calories each. Here are just a few of my delicious choices – 2 pancakes with sugar free syrup (recipe below); egg beaters (or egg whites) with chopped tomatoes, peppers, spinach, etc.; smoothies with frozen banana, berries, almond milk, protein powder; lettuce wraps with leftover chicken or rice and beans; salad with lo-cal dressing; cottage cheese and blueberries; dried fruit and nut energy bars; and more. It does take forethought and dedication to keep your caloric intact low, but it doesn’t have to be misery. It can be downright delicious. (*Note: I did Take Shape for Life’s 5&1 plan for the first 2 months and lost 18lb. I switched to my own modified plan for the next 2 months and lost the remaining 12lb.)

3. Eat a balanced dinner, whether at noontime or early evening. This meal consists of lean protein and carbohydrates, i.e. meat and veggies. Usually, I eat chicken and salad, but it might also be a stew or soup, or roast beef and asparagus. I might have a small amount of starch while maintaining my weight, but I didn’t while I was trying to lose weight. I just skipped the mashed potatoes, pasta or rice.

4. Use a smaller plate. Do you have salad plates in your cabinet? Those are the ones that you should use all the time. Get rid of the big dinner plates or save them for Thanksgiving. Fill half of your smaller salad plate with healthy veggies and a quarter or slightly more with lean protein. Keep the remainder empty until you’ve lost your weight. Then, when you are maintaining, fill that small area with a starch, such as sweet potato or whole grain bread.

5. Have dessert about 2 hours after dinner. Fresh fruit makes a good evening snack. Sometimes, I fix sugar-free pudding; other times I will make a no-sugar cobbler. Skinny Cow makes some great low-calorie, low-sugar treats. You can find them in the freezer section of your grocery store. One of my go-to snacks is Jolly Time Healthy Pop microwave popcorn. I love the kettle corn. It’s rather addictive.

6. Walk 30 minutes a day. Yes, every day. That adds up to 3.5 hours of exercise per week. That makes a big difference. But definitely pick something you enjoy. That’s the key. Why suffer through something miserable (my husband strongly disagrees with me on this one. He says we need to just practice discipline and SIU – “suck it up”).

7. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. During the winter, this often takes the form of tea because cold water makes me cold. I like the Good Earth sweet & spicy blend. I can get 2 or 3 cups out of 1 tea bag. That’s economy right there. :)

So, the big question is… did I keep it off? I did for several months, then after a very stressful autumn, I put a few pounds back on. I’m working on getting those back off, because I don’t want to start over again. For me, the key is to remember these 7 keys to weight loss success. They work. That’s why I wrote them down… for you… and for me!

Here’s the recipe I promised – Pancakes for One:

1/4 cup whole grain flour (I like spelt)

1/2 tsp baking powder

pinch salt

1 tbsp egg beaters

1/4 almond milk

drop of vanilla extract

Whisk ingredients together with a fork. Spray a nonstick pan with cooking spray and pour batter into two pancake circles. Cook for a couple minutes on each side and serve with sugar free maple syrup. This makes 1 serving and is approximately 135 calories. Quick and satisfying.

Question: What’s holding you back from being your ideal weight?

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  • Karla Akins

    Thanks for sharing. I need to do this. :-)

  • / Terri Johnson

    You are welcome, Karla. I hope it is helpful. :)

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