Habits and Routines – the Addiction to Good Things

We are all creatures of habit. I have decided that I must have an addictive personality. I drink coffee every morning, play Words with Friends every night and have watched every episode of Monk… yes, all 125 of them.

My kids laugh when they see the latest “game” I’ve become interested in and it can be rather ridiculous, I do agree. Truly, what can be more wasteful than spending an hour popping bubbles or lining up bricks on an iPad screen.

I think the key to personal fulfillment is becoming “addicted” to the things that really matter. Here are 5 of my best addictions:

1. Reading the Bible every day. Robert Emmitt of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX says, “Read the Bible and Do What it Says.” He also encourages everyone in his congregation to read the Bible for just 5 minutes a day. That is a great place to start. I read my Bible for about 10 minutes a day. It’s not a lot, but it is a great way to start the day.

2. School every weekday. My children don’t need to ask if we will “do” school, because we always do. This routine has saved us a good amount of hassle and persuasion. School is just what we do. It’s a big surprise if I announce that we are taking a day off to go sledding or take a field trip.

3. I walk every day. I used to go to the gym for a 1 hour class 2-3 times a week. That totals 2 or 3 hours of exercise a week (duh!). However, I spent about the same amount of time getting ready to go, driving to and fro, showering, etc. I hated it too. I decided last year to make a change. Now, I walk for 30 minutes a day, every day, out on the nursery roads behind our home. I get 3.5 hours of exercise in each week, with no prep, no commute and no sweat! I love it! It’s become a wonderful time for me to think clearly and pray regularly too.

4. I take one child out on a date every Saturday. Yes, I spend time with each of my kids every day, but always amid the chaos of an 8 person home. This time away gives me a chance to focus in on that ONE child, finding out his/her latest struggles, joys, etc. Thankfully, I am finding that they don’t have a whole bunch of “new” stuff to tell me (because they talk to me all the time), but they do love the captive audience I am able to give them. And if they have anything “private” to share, they know they have my undivided attention.

5. We eat dinner together every night. We may not always dine together for breakfast or lunch as we are a busy family coming and going all day long, but we have a family dinner together every evening. There are a reasons why someone might miss dinner (work schedules, special event), but for the most part, all 8 of us gather around the family table to eat together and enjoy conversation.

Question: What are your best addictions, habits or routines?

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  • Andrea McKenzie

    I had to giggle. My husband and I have our DVR set to record Monk every time it’s on. We’ve seen every episode, some a few times. It’s so silly!

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