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While I may have sounded down on New Year’s resolutions, I am truly not a negative person at all when it comes to implementing change in our lives. It is one of the cornerstones of being human. We have been created with the ability to control and improve ourselves. This is a powerful force in our lives!

What is the difference between someone with a good attitude and someone with a bad attitude? It’s a state of mind, correct? Do we all have the ability to choose a good attitude vs. a bad attitude? Absolutely! We actually have the ability to control our thoughts (yes, we do!) and use them to create positive change in our moments, our days, our very lives.

These positive thoughts can be translated into powerful habits for our good.

Habits can make us or break us. I should know. I have some really good habits and some pretty poor ones. But, by focusing on one at a time, I can change those poor habits into good ones. Do you have a new habit you would like to implement?

Here are 3 ways to implement positive change in your life:

1. Pick One! Don’t decide to change everything at once. You will become overwhelmed, discouraged and will probably fail. Pick one. Choose to put your clothes away after you take them off. Decide to walk for 10 minutes after breakfast. Read your Bible for 5 minutes before going to bed or when you arise. Buy fruit instead of cookies. But whatever you do, just pick one!

2. Write it down! Last year, of those who made New Year resolutions and didn’t write them down, only 4% were successful. However, of those who wrote them down, nearly 50% were successful. That is over 1000% difference! Would you like a much greater chance of being successful? Write it down!

3. Read it over! Read over your goal every day. Think about it before you get up in the morning. Review will cement and solidify your goals. It will make them real to you. You will be able to visualize yourself doing it and will therefore be more likely to do it.

After 21 days of success with your new habit, rinse and repeat. In other words, pick another one and do it again. This is both not that hard and really, really hard at the same time.

What will it be? What is your first new good habit that you will implement into your life?

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