5 Must-Have, No-Cost Resources for Homeschooling

My new tag line for my blog… “Striving to live a Proverbs 31 life in a Romans 1 world” is a pretty high calling, don’t you think? I’ve always been intimidated by Proverbs 31. It’s a lot to live up to. But 2013 marks my year to make some improvements in my life, especially regarding finances, time management and organization. Improving the quality of our family time together is right up there too. I’ll share some ideas on that in a future post. But for now…

In Proverbs 31, it reads, “She makes sure her dealings are profitable” and “she carefully watches over everything in her household.” Last week, I used these two verses as my motivation to open a higher interest savings account and make a commitment to adding to it every month. You can read that post here.

This week, I see something else in those verses… the way I SPEND my money needs to be carefully considered. Think before you spend! Ask yourself… do I need it? Can I find it used? Can I find it free. The beauty of homeschooling (which I have been doing for over 15 years, yikes!) is that there are many resources available online for free. Yes, I said FREE and free is a very good price, don’t you think?

So, if you need to jazz up your homeschooling with some additional resources for this second half of the year, or you are considering homeschooling but didn’t think you could afford it, think again and check out the links below.

Here are 5 must-have, no-cost homeschool resources that are just a click away:

1. Easy Peasy Homeschoolhttp://allinonehomeschool.wordpress.com/ – a funny name for a website that has an absolute wealth of information and resources. A new friend of mine told me about this website. I visited it yesterday and was blown away by the vast amount of help and resources that are not only listed, but organized by school day here on this site. It covers reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, math, history/social studies/geography, science, Bible, computer, music, art, PE/health, and logic. It uses only free materials found on the internet. Check it out!

2. Ambleside Onlinehttp://www.amblesideonline.org/. Have you wanted to enjoy a Charlotte Mason education with your children but don’t know where to start? Ambleside Online is a free homeschool curriculum designed to be as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own private and correspondence schools. Ambleside Online uses high quality books and costs no more than the cost of those books. The curriculum uses as many free online books as possible, and there is no cost to use this information or join the support group.

3. The Homeschool Mom Unit Studieshttp://www.thehomeschoolmom.com/schoolroom/unitstudies.php. Actually, the entire Homeschool Mom site is a gem and you should spend some time there getting familiarized with it and find out what it has to offer. But I specifically highlighted the unit study page because unit studies are a great way to homeschool your children especially if you are working with limited funds. You can teach them all the same topic but at varying levels. You can often utilize library books and online information resources – all for free.  Make sure that you sign up for her newsletter!  When you do, you will receive a free state unit study.

4. Donna Young Printables and Resourceshttp://donnayoung.org/index.htm. Yes, this site is a treasure trove of lessons, planners and forms. There is a form for everything you could ever need. I especially like her diplomas! If you are looking for a specific form, a planner or a lesson for a certain subject, make sure that you check here! Donna Young has so many useful forms and resources that you will think you have hit the jackpot.

5. Homeschooling ABCs Free 5 Day MiniClasshttp://www.homeschoolingabcs.com. Sometimes when you are throwing it all together yourself and not using pre-made curriculum, you can start to wonder if you are on the right track. Worry no longer… sign up for the free 5 day mini-class at the site above and receive information on:

* What to Teach and When
* 4 Steps to Homeschooling Success
* Homeschooling on a Dime
* Getting the Help You Need
* Planning and Scheduling

There you go – 5 “Must-Have” No-Cost Resources for Homeschooling. Take advantage of them. Let them be the fuel that starts your creative engine and keeps it going strong.

Question: What are your favorite free homeschool resources?

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