What about Android?

Since we began developing mobile apps just a little over a year ago, we have been asked at least a hundred times when we will have Android versions of our apps. Currently all of our mobile apps are developed for the Apple iOS platform, meaning iPhone, iPod and iPad. Let me explain a little…

We entered into a partnering relationship with iHomeEducator in January of 2011. Since that time, we, as a team, have published the complete 4 part Wonders of Old series (Wonders of Old: Ancient Timeline, Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline, Wonders of Old: New World and Wonders of Old: Modern Timeline), Map Trek: Ancient World and Medieval Life. These fabulous apps have come into being through Knowledge Quest’s content and iHomeEducator’s programming expertise.

Some screenshots:

Currently, iHomeEducator’s chief programmer only works on the Apple iOS platform. However, he is considering expanding his programming skills into Android and/or hiring that skill out. When that happens, these apps should become available in Android versions. We will certainly keep you posted on that.

Also, Knowledge Quest has worked with another independent programmer to create and publish another app – KQ TimeTraveler. This programmer also works on the Android platform, which means that once we get the app the way we want it on Apple, we will pursue developing it for Android devices. We are finishing up an update to the app which includes more characters, more quiz questions and a more consistent UI (user interface).  We’ll keep you posted on this as well.

So, “What about Android?” is a great question, but a complicated one to answer. We hope to provide as many educational resources on as many platforms as possible over the months and years to come. Keep asking your questions, sending your feedback and offering your encouragement. It keeps us going! Thanks!

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  • debml

    The app’s look great! My dd just got an iPod touch, so I plan to try one out soon.

  • ak2mex

    I love the Time Traveler. The facts are accurate and interesting. My kids love putting their faces into the photographs.

  • fionah

    Hi Terri. All the apps look great. Any chance you’ll have a package deal for buying them all at once? (Actually, I’d like a package deal for most of the stuff on your website – I have lots of your products on my wishlist!)

    • / Terri

      Hi Fiona,

      I am not sure that package deals are possible through iTunes. It’s a great idea though. If you are subscribed to our newsletter list, we will certainly let you know when any go on sale. :)


  • Kim

    Your apps look amazing! I can’t wait for the android versions to come out! :)

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