Goals for 2010

Each year I make New Year’s resolutions.  They usually involve losing weight, exercising, eating better or reading my Bible more.  I still want to do all of those things but I am already working steadily at all of them.  I am just finishing a Bible read-through (and will most likely turn around and start again in a day or two when I finish Revelation), and proper diet and exercise are happening although they could be ramped up.

So, this year I have changed my focus.  What I really want to improve on in my life is home management.  I do a decent job at homeschooling the kids and working for our business, Knowledge Quest.  Where I need improvement is keeping the children pleasantly occupied after they finish their school work and keeping the house running like clock work.  My kids have their schedules and chore charts, but need to be reminded constantly to actually do the things that are written on them.

Let’s take morning chores for example… The kids are supposed to clean up breakfast, start the next load of laundry, feed the pets, etc. before beginning their school work.  However, nearly every morning we gather at the table at 9:00 for our morning Bible time and I ask if they have done their chores and the answer (often, usually) is “no, not yet.”  And why this has not happened is because I did not remind them.  Do they need reminders every day?  I should think not.  So, I am working through the process of training the children to see their part in keeping the house running smoothly.  Besides, I really don’t want to be the nag – just the facilitator.

Funny, this does not happen at all with school work.  When they finish one thing, they move right on to the next until all of the school work is completed.  I don’t have to say a word.  How can I transfer this concept to chores, reading time and other afternoon activities.  Still working it through…

Any ideas?  I’m all ears!

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3 Responses to “Goals for 2010”

Tristan January 5th, 2010 at 6:43 pm

The easiest way I’ve found to encourage diligence in chores is assigning them to be done before meals instead of after. My kids have a few chores to do before they eat breakfast. If they chores are not done they don’t eat. It is pretty motivational…LOL. (I’m talking easy chores like make your bed, get dressed, feed the cats, pickup your toys, or bring down your laundry basket if it is full).

Before lunch the same thing generally happens, everyone has a few chores and when food hits the table those who finished chores sit to eat. :)

By the way, my kids are age 8, 5, 4, 2, and 10 months, so I know older kids should be able to handle it if my little ones can.

Terri January 5th, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Duh, why didn’t I think of that – food! I have teens now (plus younger ones) and food is a huge motivator for teens. Yes, I think that I will try that – move the morning chores to before breakfast, rather than before schoolwork. Beautiful! Thanks a bunch.

Melissa January 27th, 2010 at 3:39 pm

I have the schedule of chores posted with our homeschooling schedule (at least the order of things to do) on the wall near where we do our homeschooling. Whenever it seems like we need to get started, I just tell them, “It’s time to get started on the day.” We’ve been doing this since fall. No other reminders have been needed. I put all their chores in the mornings (other than general pick-up throughout the day and the bedtime routine). Right now, we’re only a family of four, so having morning-only chores works well.

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