Curriculum Integration Guide
Map Trek Maps and the What Really Happened series are ideal supplements to the most popular
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& the Bible
Map Trek Maps
A, Ancient World
What Really
Happened . . .
in Ancient Times
Creation and the Flood
A, p. 21 World Map (landforms)
A, p. 23 Descendants of Noah
p. 11 Eve
p. 31 Noah
The Rise of Civilizations
A, p. 25 Mesopotamia
A, p. 27 Sumeria
A, p. 29 Called Out of Ur
A, p. 31 Abraham's Journey
A, p. 37 Ancient Egypt
A, p. 57 Ancient India
A, p. 59 Ancient China
A, p. 47 Assyrian Empire
p. 60 Gilgamesh
Egypt and the Exodus
A, p. 35 Old Kingdom - Egypt
A, p. 39 The Exodus
p. 91 Imhotep
The Children of Israel
A, p. 43 The Promised Land
A, p. 45 12 Tribes of Israel
A, p. 49 Israel's Golden Age
A, p. 53 Solomon's Kingdom
A, p. 55 Israel's Divided Kingdom
Assyria and Babylon
A, p. 47 Assyrian Empire
A, p. 51 Phoenicia's Trade Empire
A, p. 63 Babylonian Empire
p. 121 Daniel
The Persians and Medes
A, p. 65 Persian Empire
A, p. 67 Greco-Persian Wars
p. 165 Cyrus the Great
Greece and the Hellenists
A, p. 41 Early Greece
A, p. 69 Golden Age of Greece
A, p. 73 Alexander the Great
p. 191 Eratosthenes
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
Ancient Civilizations
& the Bible

The Rise of Rome
A, p. 61 Founding of Rome
A, p. 75 Punic Wars
A, p. 81 The Roman Empire
A, p. 83 Barbarian Invasions
A, p. 85 Roman Empire Divided
p. 213 Constantine
Jesus Christ, Immanuel
A, p. 77 Palestine
A, p. 79 Early Church
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2011, Knowledge Quest, Inc.