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"[Knowledge Quest] maps are ideal for the grammar stage learner; they are uncluttered, accurate, and perfect for coloring. I highly recommend them as a simple and yet effective way to develop the young student's geographical awareness of the ancient world."

Susan Wise Bauer, author of "The Story of the World", volumes 1,2 &3 and co-author of "The Well-Trained Mind"

This is an engaging and spiritually rewarding compilation of biographies of fascinating people in the Middle Ages. I learned a lot from this enriching book, and enjoyed not only the stories, but the beautiful maps and illustrations.

Randy Alcorn,  author of Safely Home and Heaven

"Hooray! Knowledge Quest's latest offering fills yet another gap in the resources currently available to parents and teachers who seek to help their students make connections between key events as they trace the quiet sovereignty of God in history. Wonders of Old offers a paper-based alternative to wall or computer timeline versions that is well-planned, attractive and affordable! The student that does careful and consistent work in this volume will have an informative, enduring keepsake to which he can refer in years to come."

Marcia Somerville, author of Tapestry of Grace

"WOW! I don't know how else to type my reaction to this new product from Knowledge Quest. This is a beautiful, beautiful, book. It is one of those rare books that not only looks good, it feels good in your hands. An oversize, hardbound volume, the cover is a work of art in itself. I really believe the care and love that have gone into the production of this book will inspire it's young owners to cherish and respect it and its contents."

Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (If you would like to read the rest of Heidi's review, click here)

If you love history like I love history, then you will really enjoy this book. As the third book in the What Really Happened series, it delivers what you would expect - inspiring biographies, beautiful illustrations and great maps. Not only are the stories historically accurate, but they are lively and entertaining as well. Read this book aloud to your family and you will better understand this exciting time in history.

Your fellow pilgrim, Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler,  Mantle Ministries

"We love these maps. What an incredibly helpful tool! Children seem to gain so much from visualizing geographically what they are studying. I think this is a wonderful product and would enhance any study of history."

Gregg and Sono Harris, "The Christian Home School" and "The Home School Organizer"

"I LOVE your timelines, Terri! As anyone with wrinkled, ripped or otherwise marred attempts at a timeline can attest, you want the hard work of your timeline to last. Knowledge Quest timelines are not only lovely, but they are sturdy and durable. Terri, a homeschool mother of four, knows the needs of [parents and teachers] from the inside. The quality of her products reflect that, enhancing your study of history while making it easier and more enjoyable. Thanks, Terri!"

Diane Wheeler, senior staff writer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

To read the rest of Diane's review of Knowledge Quest Timelines, click here: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. They have also written a review on our Blackline Maps of World History, click here for this review: The Old Schoolhouse Product Review.

Terri Johnson and her contributing authors have done it again! What Really Happened in Ancient Times is a compilation of stories which bring ancient history a little closer to home. From Eve to Constantine, fascinating tales are woven together to give us a better idea of what may have taken place so long ago. Historical records often only afford mere glimpses into the lives of those who lived thousands of years before us. By weaving what information we have available into colorful stories, ancient history comes alive! I love the illustrations in this volume, and of course, the map illustrations are second to none!

Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

"Besides the gratitude I want to extend to you for your fabulous products, I also want to mention the appreciation I feel for your efforts of research and attention to the details of quality you have applied to them.  Last March I ordered your spring specials 2 and 3.  Simply unrolling your timelines inspired us to overhaul our entire spare room into a homeschool space worthy of their quality!" - Carolyn

"I just found your blog today, I don't know how I missed it as we've been using your products for years :). I read your about me page and just wanted to say thanks for being so transparent. It was like reading a page from my life. It's nice to know that someone else argues about how to print labels, lacks sleep and struggles with confidence in this industry. Just thought you should know that I found your bio to be very encouraging this morning ;)." - Paige

"Thank you Todd for your help and yes I was able to order! Yay and Thank you Terri for making downloading simple. Like I told you Todd I wish that I had this 2 years ago, but hey looks like I'm going to teach my favorite subject-History once again. I will be able to teach my two homeschoolers with some great materials. These maps are the greatest! Blessings to you both and to Knowledge Quest." - Frances

"Hello, I called you a few weeks ago with questions about your blackline maps. The next day I ordered the CDs, and today I finally had a chance to look at the maps and print them off. They are wonderful! I am using the Well Trained Mind book as a guide for homeschooling my two children, and these maps will be a great addition to our history study this coming year. It's so nice to have the maps all in order, with some questions to go along with them, and to have geography all laid out for us to learn easily and in a fun way! Thank you so much for this!" - Colleen

"Terri, I recently received your Middle Ages maps...excellent, superb, just what I needed and had not been able to find elsewhere!!" - Kimberly

"I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I was to find out about your company! I have been homeschooling for 9 years and, like you, have never been happy with the maps that have been available. I will definitely be spreading the word about you to my friends and the moms in my support group." - Lisa

"I got mine today! I love them! I love the convenience! My son loves them! Why didn't I order these earlier instead of spending hours scouring the internet for maps that didn't quite work?" - Sharon

"We are enjoying using the maps CD. Wish I had discovered it 13 years ago. I have spent so many hours searching for maps to go with our studies :-)" - Marilyn

"I purchased the CD-ROM version of your maps at our local home school convention this year and love them all!" - Lisa

"The maps are awesome! Thanks!!!" - Mary

"I own and absolutely LOVE your CD of World History Maps. I use it with all of my kids." - Heidi

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how WONDERFUL your maps are! I just love to use maps in school; it makes everything so clear. And your maps are perfect for each unit we study. It's great to have a resource like this instead of having to paw through numerous books to find maps and then have to shrink them or enlarge them to suit the need! I have recommended your maps to many people." - Sue

"I received my complete set of maps and am very happy with them." - Susan

"I purchased the KnowledgeQuest maps for this time period and they have been a terrific addition! All three kids (11,9,6) have learned a great deal." - Beth

"I recently ordered and received these. They are well done. Thank you for making them. Wow." - Karen

"These are a great find. I looked forever on the internet and never could find anything just right." - Staci

"I had the same problem until someone recommended the Knowledge Quest maps. They have been great!!" - Teri

"My blackline maps from just arrived today and they look great! Check them out to see if it's what you are looking for." - Anna

"I had not heard of Blackline Maps of World History by Knowledge Quest previously, but read about it this summer, bought it sight unseen, and it looks great! I like the lesson plan questions in the beginning pages, too." - Brenda

"Thank you very much, Terri. I received the maps today and they look excellent." - Kristi

"And Terri, I just want to say Thank You! The maps are absolutely wonderful!!" - Bridget

"Hi - I love your Wonders of Old CD-ROM, I'm very impressed with its content & packing and quick shipping!" - Leah

"Oh, thanks so much. God bless you for your work. My children really enjoy doing map work now." - Lisa

"The maps arrived today and they look terrific!! I'm so glad that you are making the set of unlabeled maps. There's no way I could have made them look this good! Thanks again"  - Stacy