St. Patrick Unit Study
Lesson 3
Day 3
Today, we learn a little more about the history and geography of Ireland using some map
and timeline activities.
If your students keep a running timeline of events that you study together, add some
significant dates from Ireland's history today. If this is not an exercise that you regularly
have your students do, then pull out a clean sheet of paper and create either a horizontal
timeline or vertical list of events. This timeline can be added to the report or lapbook
which your students will be assembling later in the unit study (Lesson 4). Here are a few
key events that you can add, but also check out these two sites listed below for an indepth
timeline of Ireland's history.
c.600 BC Celts begin to arrive in Ireland, from central Europe.
c.100 BC Arrival of the Gaels
200 Beginnings of High Kingship at Tara
432 Arrival of St. Patrick to help convert pagan Gaelic Kings to Christianity
795 The Vikings begin raiding Ireland
1002 Brian Boru becomes High King of Ireland
1166 Rory O'Connor becomes High King of Ireland
1177 King Henry makes his son John Lord of Ireland
1394 King Richard II leads an army to subdue Ireland.
1556 Queen Mary sends English people to settle land confiscated from Irish rebels in
Laois and Offaly. Mary is the first monarch to successfully 'plant' English settlers in
1593-1603 The Nine Years War
1610 The first Protestant settlers arrive
1660 Charles II becomes king
1740-1741 A severe famine affects Ireland

1807 Famine in Ireland
1845-1849 The potato blight causes a potato famine. Perhaps as many as 1 million
people die. Many more emigrate. The population of Ireland falls dramatically. The
famine is at its worst in the West and Southwest of Ireland.
1919-1921 The War of Independence. The IRA fights a guerrilla war against the British.
1972 ‘Bloody Sunday' in Derry. Fourteen people are killed when the British 1st
Parachute Regiment opens fire on demonstrators.
1998 The Good Friday Agreement is signed
For a more extensive timeline of events, visit
To learn a little about the geography of Ireland, we suggest you look at some maps of
Ireland. Linked below are two maps which you can print out for your students to color.
Map 1 - St. Patrick
Map 2 - Ireland Divided
Tip: For more world history outline maps like these, such as Map Trek and TimeMaps,
check out Knowledge Quest’s map products. To explore timeline options, including wall
timeline, book timelines and timeline software, see our timeline products available here.
*We always recommend that you provide parental assistance when using the Internet.
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