St. Patrick Unit Study
Lesson 1
March is definitely a transition month. The weather changes, winter sports come to a close, tired
homeschooling parents begin to burn out, and students get bored and restless as they long for a
spring break... March is a great month to mix things up a bit and do something different - for a
week, at least!
This month we bring you a unit study that you can add to your studies or replace them altogether
for a fun and lighthearted change. Take some time to enjoy each other and this lifestyle we call
"homeschooling". Feel free to pick and choose from these activities we have listed or do them all.
Read through all 5 lesson plans early in the month so that you can determine whether you need
any supplies from the store. Have fun!
Day 1
Read a biography of St. Patrick. There are several sources that you can find by searching online or
taking a trip to the library. We are rather biased in our recommendation of a good biography on
the life of St. Patrick because we publish one in our book, What Really Happened During the
Middle Ages. Written by Jennaya Dunlap, this story is geared towards 3rd through 8th graders
and can be read in one sitting and downloaded from the link below. For a longer historical,
though fictional, book on the life of St. Patrick, you can read Flame Over Tara by Madeleine
Download the biography of St. Patrick here.
On this day, begin to do some research using either the Internet* or your library's card catalog.
Pick a topic for a report which can be in the form of a paper (for older students), or a lapbook (for
younger students). For more information on lapbooks, read this article (scroll about halfway
down the page). Some topics for research could be St. Patrick's Day Traditions, Irish Legends &
Folklore, History of Ireland, Celts, Potato Famine, Immigration of the Irish, etc. Our kids enjoyed
researching and writing about the Potato Famine in Ireland.
Today is just research day, so print out interesting pictures, articles, etc. and tuck them inside a
file folder so that you can begin using them on Day 4.
*We always recommend that you provide parental assistance when using the Internet.
This unit study is a 5-part study provided for you by Knowledge Quest, Inc. – Contact [email protected] if you need any assistance.