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Stolen! is HERE

Part 1 of Sacagawea

The wait is over... Book 1 of Sacagawea - Stolen! - is now available on Amazon for just 99 cents. 1st Chapter sample.

Sacagawea is an interactive historical novel that challenges readers to dig deeper into the true lives of extraordinary individuals AND stretches the idea of how stories themselves are told. Sacagawea is a riveting account and intimate look into the life of one of America's most beloved women.

Although one seamless novel, Sacagawea is written and released as 4 shorter, sequential parts, or episodes, delivered each Tuesday in 32-page mini-ebooks before the release of the full 128-page book on January 29, 2013. Release dates are listed below.

The story begins with Stolen!, available as an ebook immediately for 99 cents on Amazon, followed by three more episodes - Passage, Survival and Equal - released weekly. Read them as they come out or wait until the full ebook is available on 1/29/13.

 sacagawea-stolen   sacagawea-passage   sacagawea-survival   sacagawea-equal

 Available 1/8/13




Get Stolen! Part 1 of Sacagwea for 99 cents at here: