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The History of the Ancient World
Susan Wise Bauer
Map Trek Maps Complete Edition
A, Ancient
Part 1: The Edge of History
1. The Origin of Kingship
2. The Earliest Story
A, p. 23 The Descendants of Noah
3. The Rise of Aristocracy
A, p. 27 The Sumerians of Mesopotamia
4. The Creation of Empire
A, p. 37 Ancient Egypt
5. The Age of Iron
A, p. 57 Ancient India
6. The Philosopher King
A, p. 59 Ancient China
Part 2: Firsts
7. The First Written Records
8. The First War Chronicles
A, p. 25 Mesopotamia
9. The First Civil War
A, p. 35 Old Kingdom of Egypt
10. The First Epic Hero
11. The First Victory over Death
12. The First Reformer
13. The First Military Dictator
14. The First Planned Cities
15. The First Collapse of Empire
16. The First Barbarian Invasions
17. The First Monotheist
A, p. 29, 31 Called Out of Ur, Abraham's Journey
18. The First Environmental Disaster
Part 3: Struggle
19. The Battle for Reunification
20. The Mesopotamia Mixing Bowl
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
The History of the
Ancient World

21. The Overthrow of the Xia
22. Hammurabi's Empire
23. The Hyksos Seize Egypt
24. King Minos of Crete
25. The Harappan Disintegration
26. The Rise of the Hittites
27. Ahmose Expels the Hyksos
28. Usurpation and Revenge
29. The Three-Way Contest
30. The Shifting Capitals of the Shang
31. The Mycenaeans of Greece
32. Struggle of the Gods
A, p. 39 The Exodus
33. Wars and Marriages
A, p. 47 Assyrian Empire
34. The Greatest Battle in Very Ancient Times
35. The Battle for Troy
A, p. 41 Early Greece
36. The First Historical King of China
37. The Rig Veda
38. The Wheel Turns Again
39. The End of the New Kingdom
40. The Dark Age of Greece
41. The Dark Age of Mesopotamia
42. The Fall of the Shang
Part 4: Empires
43. The Mandate of Heaven
44. The Bharata War
45. The Son of David
A, p. 49, 53, 55 Israel's Golden Age, Solomon, Divided
46. From Western to Eastern Zhou
47. The Assyrian Renaissance
48. New Peoples
49. Trading Posts and Colonies
A, p. 61 Founding of Rome
50. Old Enemies
51. Kings of Assyria and Babylon
52. Spectacular Defeat
53. The Decline of the King
54. The Assyrians in Egypt
55. Medes and Persians
56. Conquest and Tyranny
57. The Beginnings and End of Empire
A, p. 63 Babylonian Empire
58. A Brief Empire
59. Cyrus the Great
60. The Republic of Rome

61. Kingdoms and Reformers
62. The Power of Duty and the Art of War
63. The Spreading Persian Empire
A, p. 65 Persian Empire
64. The Persian Wars
A, p. 67 Greco-Persian Wars
Part 5: Identity
65. The Peloponnesian Wars
66. The First Sack of Rome
67. The rise of the Ch'in
68. The Macedonian Conquerors
69. Rome Tightens Its Grasp
70. Alexander and the Wars of the Successors
A, p. 73 Alexander the Great
71. The Mauryan Epiphany
72. First Emperor, Second Dynasty
73. The Wars of the Sons
A, p. 75 Punic Wars
74. Roman Liberators and Seleucid Conquerors
75. Between East and West
76. Breaking the System
77. The Problems of Prosperity
78. New Men
A, p. 71 Ancient Europe
79. Empire
80. Eclipse and Restoration
81. The Problem of Succession
A, p. 77 and 79 Palestine, The Early Church
82. The Edges of the Roman World
A, p. 81 The Roman Empire c. 114 AD
83. Children on the Throne
84. The Mistake of Inherited Power
85. Savior of the Empire
A, p. 85 The Roman Empire Divided
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2011, Knowledge Quest, Inc.