Curriculum Integration Guide
Map Trek Maps and the What Really Happened series are ideal supplements to the most popular
homeschool history curricula. Our Curriculum Integration Guides make it easy for you to use our
award winning tools with your favorite curriculum.
Exploring World History
Vol I
Map Trek Maps Complete Edition
A, Ancient
M, Medieval
Unit 1: Introduction to the World
1. It Begins With God
2. Understanding Our World
A, p. 21 World Map
3. Your Place in the World
4. Religion in History
5. Bible Study: Eternity Before Creation
Unit 2: The Beginning
6. Creation
7. Sin
8. Early People Groups
A, p. 23 Descendants of Noah
9. Questions from Genesis
10. Bible Study: The Existence of God
Unit 3: Early Civilizations
11. Sumer
A, p. 27 Sumeria
12. Egypt
A, p. 35 Old Kingdom of Egypt
13. Key Concepts: Science and Mathematics in Sumer and
14. Key Person: Hammurabi and His Code of Laws
15. Bible Study: From Eden to Iraq - The Land Between the
A, p. 25 Mesopotamia
Unit 4: Abraham and His Descendants
16. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
A, p. 29 Called Out of Ur
17. Key Concept: The Faith of Abraham
A, p. 31 Abraham's Journey
18. Everyday Life of Nomads
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
Exploring World History Volume I

19. Key Event: The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
20. Bible Study: God Meant it for Good - The Life of Joseph A, p. 37 Ancient Egypt
Unit 5: God Chooses Israel
21. Israel Becomes a Nation
22. Key Event: The Exodus
A, p. 39 The Exodus
23. Key Person: Moses
A, p. 43 The Promised Land
A, p. 45 The Twelve Tribes
24. Everyday Life: The Story of Ruth
25. Bible Study: The Law
Unit 6: Israel and Her Neighbors
26. Israel United and Divided
A, p. 49 Israel's Golden Age
A, p. 55 Israel's Divided Kingdom
27. Nations of the Ancient Near East
A, p. 47 The Assyrian Empire
A, p. 51 Phoenicia's Trading Empire
28. Key Person: David
29. Daily Life in the Time of King Solomon
A, p. 53 Solomon's Kingdom
30. Bible Study: Amos, the Unlikely Prophet
Unit 7: Persia
31. The Rise of a New Kingdom
A, p. 65 Persian Empire
32. Key Concept: Persian Religion
33. Key Person: Cyrus
34. Daily Life in Babylon During the Days of Daniel
A, p. 63 Babylonian Empire
35. Bible Study: For Such a Time as This - The Story of
Unit 8: Ancient Non-Western Civilizations
36. Ancient India
A, p. 57 Ancient India
37. Ancient China
A, p. 59 Ancient China
38. Ancient Africa, America, and Europe
A, p. 33 Ancient Africa
A, p. 71 Ancient Europe
39. Government, Culture, and Science in Ancient China
40. Bible Study: God's Love for the Nations - The Story of
Unit 9: Greek Civilization
41. Survey of Greek History
A, p. 41 Early Greece
A, p. 67 Greco-Persian Wars
A, p. 73, Alexander the Great
A., p. 75 Punic Wars
42. Key Idea: Philosophy and the Pursuit of Knowledge
43. Key Person: Pericles
A, p. 69 Golden Age of Greece
44. Everyday Life in Ancient Athens
45. Bible Study: God's Wisdom vs. Man's Wisdom
Unit 10: Roman Civilization
46. The Rise and Fall of Rome
A, p. 81 The Roman Empire

47. Key Person: Augustus Caesar
48. Key Concept: Roman Law
49. Everyday Life in Rome
50. Bible Study: The Kingdom of God
Unit 11: The Central Event in History: Jesus
51. Introduction to the Gospel of Luke
A, p. 77 Palestine at the Time of Christ
52. The Revolution Jesus Brought
53. Unlikely Heroes
54. Spiritual Topics in Luke
55. Bible Study: Jerusalem
Unit 12: The Church Age
56. The Church Begins
A, p. 79 The Early Church
57. Key Event: The Conversion of Cornelius
58. Key Person: Paul
59. Daily Life in the First Century
60. Bible Study: How to Study a New Testament Letter
Unit 13: Changes in Rome, Changes in the
61. The Decline of Rome
A, p. 83 Barbarian Invasions
A, p. 85 The Roman Empire Divided
62. The Changing Face of the Church
63. Developments in Church Practice
64. Key Person: Constantine
65. Bible Study: What Happened to the Church?
Unit 14: The Early Middle Ages
66. Factors in the Middle Ages
M, p. 23 Byzantine Empire
M, p. 29 Charlemagne
67. Key Event: The Rise of Islam
M, p. 25 Islamic Empire
68. Key Person: Alfred the Great
69. Everyday Life Among the Vikings
M, p. 27 Viking Expansion
70. Bible Study: Methods and Motives in Evangelism
Unit 15: The Late Middle Ages
71. A Changing World
M, p. 35 Norman Conquests
M, p. 47 12th Century Europe
72. Everyday Life in the Middle Ages
73. Key Event: The Crusades
M, p. 37 The Crusades
74. Key Person: Thomas Aquinas
75. Bible Study: Obeying God, Obeying Men
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2011, Knowledge Quest, Inc.

Curriculum Integration Guide
Map Trek Maps and the What Really Happened series are ideal supplements to the most popular
homeschool history curricula. Our Curriculum Integration Guides make it easy for you to use our
award winning tools with your favorite curriculum.
Exploring World History
Vol II
Map Trek Maps Complete Edition
M, Medieval
N, New World
Mod, Modern
Unit 16: The Renaissance
76. A Different Focus
M, p. 49 The Black Death
M, p. 51 Hundred Years War
77. Key Event: The Invention of Movable Printing
M, p. 63 The Powerful Habsburgs
78. Key Person: Leonardo da Vinci
M, p. 53 Renaissance Italy
79. The History of Music
80. Bible Study: Worldliness vs. Godliness
Unit 17: The Age of Reformation
81. Martin Luther and the Break with Rome
M, p. 67 The Reformation
82. Key Person: John Calvin
83. Key Movement: The Anabaptists
84. History of the English Bible
85. Bible Study: Grace
Unit 18: The Age of Exploration
86. Discovering New Worlds
M, p. 55 Early Explorers
M, p. 59 Later Explorers
87. Key Person: Christopher Columbus
M, p. 57 The Voyage of Christopher Columbus
88. Key Event: The English Defeat of the Spanish Armada
M, p. 73 Spanish and Portuguese Empires
89. Homes and Household Furnishings in Everyday Life
90. Bible Study: Exploring the Promised Land
Unit 19: The Scientific Revolution
91. A New View
92. Key Event: The Heresy Trial of Galileo Galilei
93. Key Person: Isaac Newton
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
Exploring World History Volume II

94. Clothing Through the Centuries
95. Bible Study: The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture
Unit 20: The Age of Revolution
96. Revolutions in England and America
N, p. 75 The American Revolution
97. Key Event: The French Revolution
N, p. 79 The French Revolution
98. Key Person: John Locke
99. Eating Through the Centuries
100. Bible Study: Freedom and Responsibility - A Study of
Unit 21: The Making of Modern Europe
101. Key Person: Napoleon
N, p. 81 Napoleonic Wars
102. Revolution, Reaction, and Reorganization
N, p. 61 Prussia
N, p. 77 Russia
103. Key Event: Unification in Italy and Germany
Mod, p. 43 Italy United
104. A Short History of Art
105. Bible Study: Honesty
Unit 22: Britain: Industry and Empire
106. Britain in the Nineteenth Century
Mod, p. 52 The British Empire
Mod, p. 50 India Under the British East India Co.
107. Key Issue: The Irish Question
Mod, p. 75 The Division of Ireland
108. Key Person: George Muller
109. The History of Transportation
110. Bible Study: Kindness
Unit 23: A Revolution in Thought
111. Karl Marx
112. Charles Darwin
113. Sigmund Freud
114. The History of Education and John Dewey, A
Revolutionary in Education
115. Bible Study: Higher Criticism
Unit 24: The Making of Modern Africa
116. European Colonization
Mod, p. 49 Africa Landforms
Mod, p. 57 The Scramble for Africa
117. Key Country: Ethiopia
118. The Culture of the Masai: A Traditional African Tribe
119. Key Issue: South Africa
Mod, p. 59 South Africa
120. Bible Study: Africa in the Bible
Unit 25: The Making of Modern Asia
121. China: From Dynasties to Communism
N, p. 49 Ming/Qing Dynasties of China
Mod, p. 55 Boxer Rebellion
122. India: A Clash of Cultures
Mod, p. 101 Independence for India
123. Other Nations in Asia
Mod, p. 87 China and Japan at War

124. Christian Missionaries to Asia
125. Bible Study: Helping the Poor
Unit 26: The Making of Modern Latin America
126. Many Countries, One Goal
N, p. 86 Independence for Latin America
127. Mexico's Story
N, p. 106, Mexican War
128. Key Person: Simon Bolivar
129. The Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
130. Bible Study: Justice
Unit 27: The World at War
131. Twice in Twenty-Five Years
Mod, p. 65 World Empires 1900
Mod, p. 67 Balkan Wars
Mod, p. 69 and 71, World War I, maps 1 and 2
Mod, p. 77 Europe Post WWI
Mod. p. 83 The Great Depression
Mod, p. 85 Totalitarianism
132. Key Event: American Involvement in World War II
Mod, p. 91 and 95 World War II, maps 1 and 2
Mod, p. 93 Pearl Harbor
Mod, p. 97 Italy and Balkan Peninsula 1946
133. Key Person: Winston Churchill
134. The Cultural History of Japan
135. Bible Study: Peace
Unit 28: The Cold War
136. Freedom vs. Communism
Mod, p. 99 & 107 Growth of Communism & The Cold War
Mod, p. 109 Korean War
Mod, p. 111 Vietnam War
137. Key Event: The Space Race
138. Key Person: Ronald Reagan
139. Everyday Life in the United States and the U.S.S.R.
During the 1950s and 1960s
140. Bible Study: Fighting the Good Fight (1 Timothy)
Unit 29: Into the Twenty-First Century
141. A Reign of Terror
Mod, p. 121 & 123 Gulf War & Attack on the United States
Mod, p. 125 Conflict in Iraq
142. Advances in Technology
143. Key Persons: The Homeschooling Family
144. The History of Keeping Time
145. Bible Study: The Value of Life
Unit 30: Looking Backward, Looking Forward
146. Lessons from World History
147. A Sense of History
148. Living in the Modern World
149. Becoming a World Christian
150. Bible Study: Eternity After This World
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2011, Knowledge Quest, Inc.