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Tapestry of Grace MapAids CDs

Using Tapestry of Grace?  Knowledge Quest and Tapestry of Grace have joined forces and resources to produce MapAids  - map CD-ROMs customized especially for the Tapestry curriculum.  All four year plans are now available.

What makes these CDs so special?  Well, they are organized by Tapestry of Grace weeks as set up in their year plan guides.  There is a teacher's map, which is the answer key.  And then there are maps for the grammar stage student, the dialectic and rhetoric stage students and an overlay map so your student can produce a transparency map notebook.

Purchase these CDs right here or at the Tapestry of Grace website:  These CDs are not standalone products, but must accompany the Tapestry of Grace curriculum.

Here's what folks are saying about MapAids:

"These maps are gorgeous!  I just love the clarity.  This is a resource that is so valuable to us teachers, especially for the upper levels which really become difficult to teach.  When our family cycles back through Tapestry of Grace at these higher levels, having the teacher maps with answers will be so helpful!" - Jean

"Fantastic job!  These maps will be a tremendous help to moms.  I am looking forward to this additional tool with our Tapestry program!" - Pam

"I learned a bunch just looking ahead to these geography assignments!  HA!  At the risk of sounding redundant, these will be SO helpful in our homeschool.  Thank you for your dedication to this project!" - Beta Tester

Would you like to see some samples?

MapAids Y1

MapAids Y2

MapAids Y3

MapAids Y4

Tapestry of Grace's MapAids (which Knowledge Quest produces) won the 2nd place Old Schoolhouse Reader Award in the geography category.





Redesigned Year 1 MapAids CD-ROM



Redesigned Year 2 MapAids CD-ROM



Classic Year 3 MapAids CD-ROM



While supplies last!

Year 4 MapAids CD




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