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Map Trek
Curriculum Integration Guides

Do you love Map Trek and wish you could find an easy way to coordinate the maps weekly with your favorite history program? Then here is your wish come true!

Three members of our project team have put together guides that will make it a snap for you to use Map Trek historical outline maps on a weekly basis with your history curriculum of choice. And they are free of charge! Simply download the file that you need by right-clicking the link and saving to your hard drive. We suggest that you print it out and place the pages within your history binder.

We'll be adding to this collection of guides over the month of August, so do check back often. If you would like to see a Curriculum Integration Guide (CIG) for your favorite history program that's not on this list currently, send an email to [email protected] and we'll consider adding it to our growing collection. Enjoy!


A Child's History of the World

 Story of the World 

Story of the World, vol 1-4

streams of civilization

Streams of Civilization, volume 1

Streams of Civilization, volume 2 

 veritas press

Veritas Press, all volumes


TruthQuest: Ancient123

TruthQuest: Middle/Ref/Ren

TruthQuest: Age of Revolution123

TruthQuest: American

  my father's world

Adventures in MFW

Creation to the Greeks

Rome to Revolution

Exploration to 1850

1850 to Modern

ambleside online

Ambleside Online, Year 1

Ambleside Online, Year 2

Ambleside Online, Year 3

Ambleside Online, Year 4

Ambleside Online, Year 5

Ambleside Online, Year 6

Ambleside Online, Year 7

Ambleside Online, Year 8

Ambleside Online, Year 9

Ambleside Online, Year 10

Ambleside Online, Year 11


Map Trek works well and may be compatible with many Sonlight®* packages.

World History - Elementary

American History - Elementary

Eastern Countries - Middle School

World History - Middle/High School

American History - High School 

*Disclaimer: These guides in no way constitute an association or affiliation between Knowledge Quest and Sonlight Curriculum.  They are offered independently by Knowledge Quest, Inc. and are not Sonlight brand materials. They may not be compatible with all editions of the programs offered by Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.



A Little History of the World


history of the medieval world

The History of the Ancient World

The History of the Medieval World


Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations & The Bible

Romans, Reformers & Revolutionaries


World History

Exploring World History

Exploring America


Are you looking for a Curriculum Integration Guide for your favorite history program, but it's not currently on this list?  Write to:  [email protected] with your suggestion and we'll consider adding it to our growing collection.

Looking for a Mystery of History CIG? Bright Ideas Press has requested that we not post the completed guides to our website. We'll provide alternate help when you write to [email protected].


History of US

Joy Hakim's History of US

These Curriculum Integration Guides have been a HUGE hit with our customers.  Feel free to download as many as you like, as they are 100% free.  In fact, these mapping guides might even help you determine which history program you would like to use next year.

One of our customers writes...

I just wanted to thank you for the integrated guide for our history program.  You have saved me so much time and have made it incredibly easy to incorporate geography into our history curriculum.  My children are getting so much more out of history now and I am not having to spend hours searching the web and books for the "perfect" map to go along with each day's lesson.  Thanks so much for your work and your ministry!

Another writes...

"I never email companies, but I just had to email to thank you for posting these guides to use MapTrek maps with different curricula.  I LOVE Knowledge Quest's maps, but I rarely use them because, by the time I've found them, we're past that unit in history.  The Curriculum Integration Guides do all the advance organizing for me. I'll be able to take my history plan, glance through the CIG, and plug the maps right in.  No more searching!  Thank you, thank you!"

And another says...

"I am so glad that you have decided to create these guides, as they are so helpful for homeschooling parents.  Thank you!"

More say "Thank you!"...

"Oh wow... these are simply *fantastic*! I am so excited to implement them with our Story of the World curriculum which will be pretty easy thanks to your Integration Guide. Thank you for such an incredible resource!"