Greetings from Knowledge Quest. History makes sense using maps and timelines.

Resources for Grades 1-4

Parents, these resources are ideally suited for the younger set, students in 1st through 4th grades. We do not recommend timelines at this age as chrono-logic-al events are best saved for the "logic" stage, which begins around 5th grade.

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Map Trek: Atlas and Outline Maps of World History
The Star-Spangled State Book and Workbook - Have Fun Learning About All 50 States
Around the World: Learning More About Our Globe One Country at a Time
A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp
A Child's Geography: Explore the Holy Land by Ann Voskamp
A Child's Geography: Explore the Classical World by Terri Johnson
What Really Happened in Ancient Times historical biographies
What Really Happened During the Middle Ages historical biographies
What Really Happened in Colonial Times historical biographies
Quest Magazine: The Ultimate Way for Kids and Families to Learn History
Medieval Life app for iPad
KQ TimeTraveler app for iPad