Curriculum Integration Guide
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A Little History
of the World
Map Trek Maps
A, Ancient World
M, Medieval World
N, New World
Mod, Modern World
What Really
Happened . . .
A, Ancient Times
M, Middle Ages
C, Colonial Times
1. Once Upon a Time
A, p. 11 Eve
2. The Greatest Inventors of All
A, p. 21 World Map, landforms
3. The Land by the Nile
A, p. 35 Old Kingdom of Egypt
A, p. 37 Ancient Egypt
A, p. 91 Imhotep
4. Sunday, Monday
A, p. 25 Mesopotamia
A, p. 27 Sumeria
A, p. 60 Gilgamesh
5. The One and Only God
A, p. 23 Descendants of Noah
A, p. 29 Called out of Ur
A, p. 31 Abraham's Journey
A, p. 39 The Exodus
A, p. 43 The Promised Land
A, p. 45 Twelve Tribes
A, p. 49 Israel's Golden Age
A, p. 53 Solomon's Kingdom
A, p. 55 Israel's Divided Kingdom
A, p. 31 Noah
6. I C-A-N R-E-A-D
A, p. 51 Phoenicia's Trading
7. Heroes and Their Weapons
A, p. 41 Early Greece
8. An Unequal Struggle
A, p. 61 Babylonian Empire
A, p. 65 Persian Empire
A, p. 67 Greco-Persian Wars
A, p. 121 Daniel
A, p. 165 Cyrus the Great
9. Two Small Cities in One
Small Land
A, p. 69 Golden Age of Greece
A, p. 191 Eratosthenes
10. Enlightened One & His Land A, p. 57 Ancient India
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
A Little History
of the World

11. A Great Teacher of a Great
A, p. 59 Ancient China
12. The Greatest Adventure of
A, p. 73 Alexander the Great
13. New Wars and New Warriors A, p. 75 Punic Wars
14. An Enemy of History
M, p. 41 China (Great Wall)
15. Rulers of the Western World A, p. 81 Roman Empire
16. The Good News
A, p. 77 Palestine at the Time of
A, p. 79 Early Church
17. Life in the Empire and at Its
A, p. 85 Roman Empire Divided
A, p. 213 Constantine
18. The Storm
A, p. 83 Barbarian Invasions
19. The Starry Night Begins
20. There is No God But Allah,
and Muhammed
M, p. 25 Islamic Empire
21. A Conqueror Who Knows
How to Rule
M, p. 29 Empire of Charlemagne M, p. 55 Alcuin
22. A Struggle to Become Lord
of Christendom
M, p. 31 Holy Roman Empire
M, p. 35 Norman Conquests
M, p. 83 Good King Wenceslas
23. Chivalrous Knights
M, p. 43 City Centers of Europe
24. Emperors in the Age of
M, p. 37 The Crusades
M, p. 39 Mongol Empire
M, p. 41 Medieval China
M, p. 47 Europe in 12th Century
M, p. 111 Eleanor of Aquitaine
25. Cities and Citizens
M, p. 49 The Black Death
M, p. 51 Hundred Years' War
M, p. 143 Joan of Arc
26. A New Age
M, p. 53 Renaissance Italy
M, p. 63 Habsburgs
M, p. 167 Johann Gutenberg
27. A New World
M, p. 55 Early Explorers
M, p. 57 Christopher Columbus
M, p. 59 Later Explorers
M, p. 61 Central/South America
28. A New Faith
M, p. 67 The Reformation
M. p. 65 The Netherlands
M, p. 187 Martin Luther
29. The Church at War
M, p. 73 Spanish and Portuguese
N, p. 28 Elizabethan London
30. Terrible Times
N, p. 44 Thirty Years' War
M, p. 69 Expansion of Sweden
N, p. 34 Renaissance Italy

31. An Unlucky King and a
Lucky King
N, p. 30 James Towne
N, p. 42 Plymouth Colony
C, p. 11 Pocahontas
C, p. 39 Lady Alicia Lisle
32. Meanwhile, Looking
N, p. 78 Russia
33. A Truly New Age
N, p. 62 Prussia
C, p. 61 James Cook
34. A Very Violent Revolution
N, p. 70 Seven Years' War
N, p. 76 American Revolution
N, p. 80 The French Revolution
C, p. 87 Rachel Walker Revere
35. The Last Conqueror
N, p. 82 Napoleonic Wars
C, p. 111 Admiral Lord Nelson
36. Men and Machines
N, p. 90 Inventors
N, p. 92 Industrial Revolution
37. Across the Seas
N, p. 50 Dynasties of China
N, p. 52 The Mughal Empire
M, p. 45 Japan
Mod, p. 35 Japan Opens to Trade
Mod, p. 39 and 41 The American
Civil War, maps 1 and 2
C, p. 135 Catherine Ferguson
C, p. 169 Lucretia Mott
C, p. 199 Narcissa Whitman
38. Two New States in Europe
N, p. 110 European Revolutions of
Mod, p. 33 Crimean War
Mod, p. 43 Italy United
39. Dividing Up the World
Mod, p. 51 India
Mod, p. 53 British Empire
Mod, p. 57 Scramble for Africa
Mod, p. 65 World Empires 1900
Mod, p. 67 Balkan Wars
Mod, p. 69 and 71 World War I
40. The Small Part of the History
of the World Which I Have
Lived Myself: Looking Back
Mod, p. 77 Europe Post WWI
Mod, p. 79 Iberian Peninsula 1930
Mod, p. 85 Totalitarianism
Mod, p. 87 China and Japan War
Mod, p. 91, 93, 95 WWII
Mod, p. 97 Italy/Balkan Peninsula
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2011, Knowledge Quest, Inc.