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8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business

Class 1 Notes:

Here is the link to your bonuses!

Class #1 Recording - Watch this first! 

During class, you may want to open and print this document. You can jot down ideas and take notes as we go along.

Topic Brainstorming Sheet (Word Document)

Topic Brainstorming Sheet (PDF Document)

Research Links:

Yahoo Search Marketing -

Google -

WordTracker - 

Types of products to create:

  • Digital products include ebooks, online classes, membership sites, video tutorials, webinars, etc. 
  • Information products are the same as above. 
  • Services can be automated and delivered online (examples include Teri's List,, elance, 
  • Provide free information and sell advertising space. 
  • Provide a newsletter and promote affiliate products (Clickbank). 

Software to consider for above projects:

  • Word processor and/or desktop publishing software for ebooks - Word, Publisher, Adobe InDesign, etc. 
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) software - Adobe Acrobat, Open Office, Cute PDF, etc. 
  • for membership sites 
  • Camtasia for screen capture and video editing 
  • Photoshop for photo editing / Illustrator for graphic design 
  • Excel for lists, databases or graphs 

Do you have a great idea, but you are stumped about how to actually create it? Submit a job bid at and hire it out.

Create multiple products:

  • Create the freebie first (give away in exchange for email addresses)
  • Same product in multiple formats (ebook, audio, printed book)
  • Same product for multiple niches (organization tips for...)
  • Same content but greater detail at different price points
    • ebook
    • e-class
    • coaching
  • Same format - different topics (series of products)
    • sewing for a large family
    • cooking for a large family
    • gardening for a large family
    • organization for a large family

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