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A Child's History
of the World
Map Trek Maps
V.1 Ancient World
V.2 Medieval World
V.3 New World
V.4 Modern World
What Really
Happened . . .
(A) in Ancient Times
(M) During the
Middle Ages
(C) Colonial Times
1. How Things Started
(A) Eve – The Very First Days of
the World, p. 11
2. People Who Lived in Caves
3. Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!
4. From an Airplane
V1, World Map p. 21
(A) Noah and the Great Flood,
p. 31
5. Real History Begins
6. The Puzzle Writers in Egypt V1, Ancient Egypt p. 37
7. The Tomb Builders
V1, Old Kingdom of Egypt p. 35
8. A Rich Land Where There
Was No Money
V1, Mesopotamia p. 25
(A) Gilgamesh – A Tale of Two
Friends, p. 60
9. The Jew Search for a Home V1, Called Out of Ur p. 29
(A) Imhotep – The Man Who
Saved Civilization, p. 91
V1, The Exodus p. 39
V1, The Promised Land p. 43
10. Fairy-Tale Gods
11. A Fairy-Tale War
V1, Early Greece p. 41
12. The Kings of the Jews
V1, Israel's Golden Age p. 49
13. The People Who Made Our
V1, Phoenicia's Trading Empire
p. 51
14. Hard as Nails
15. The Crown of Leaves
16. A Bad Beginning
V1, The Founding of Rome p. 61
Map Trek Maps and
What Really Happened
A Child's History
of the World

17. Kings with Corkscrew Curls V1, The Assyrian Empire p. 47
18. A City of Wonders and
V1, The Babylonian Empire p.
(A) Daniel – Captive in Babylon,
p. 121
19. A Surprise Party
V1, The Persian Empire p. 65
(A) Cyrus the Great – Mighty
Warrior, Gentle King, p. 165
20. The Other Side of the World:
V1, Ancient India p. 57
21. All the Way Around the
World in China
V1, Ancient China p. 59
22. Rich Man, Poor Man
23. Rome Kicks Out Her Kings
24. Greece vs. Persia
V1, Greco-Persian Wars p. 67
25. Fighting Mad
26. One Against a Thousand
27. The Golden Age
V1, Golden Age of Greece p. 69 (A) Eratosthenes – A Friend of
Learning, p. 191
28. When Greek Meets Greek
29. Wise Men and Otherwise
30. A Boy King
V1, Alexander the Great p. 73
31. Picking a Fight
V1, The Punic Wars p. 75
32. The Boot Kicks and Stamps V1, The Roman Empire p. 81
(A) Constantine – By This Sign,
You Shall Conquer, p. 213
33. The New Champion of the
34. The Noblest Roman of Them
35. An Emperor Who Was Made
a God
36. “Thine is the Kingdom, the
Power, and the Glory”
V1, Palestine During the Time of
Christ p. 77
37. Blood and Thunder
38. A Good Emperor and a Bad
39. I_H__S____V_____
V1, The Early Church p. 79
(M) St. Patrick – Sower of Light
in Ireland, p. 11
40. Barbarian Invasions
V1, Barbarian Invasions p. 83
41. Barbarians Meet the
Champions of the World
V1, The Roman Empire Divided
p. 85
42. New Places – New Heroes
(M) Theodora – Empress of the
New Roman Empire, p. 37

43. Being Good
44. A Christian Kingdom in
45. A Camel Driver
V2, Islamic Empire p. 25
46. Arabian Days
47. Two Empires, Two Emperors V2, Empire of Charlemagne
p. 29
(M) Alcuin – The Man Who
Loved Books, p. 55
48. Getting a Start
(M) Good King Wenceslas –
Duke of Bohemia, p. 83
49. The End of the World
V2, Viking Expansion p. 27
50. Real Castles
51. Knights and Days of
52. A Pirate's Great Grandson
V2, Norman Conquests p. 35
53. A Great Adventure
V2, The Crusades p. 37
54. Tick-Tack-Toe; Three Kings
in a Row
(M) My Grandmother, the Queen
– Eleanor of Aquitane, p. 111
55. Three Kingdoms in West
V2, African Kingdoms p. 33
56. Bibles Made of Stone and
57. John, Whom Nobody Loved
58. A Great Story Teller
V2, Mongol Empire p. 39
59. “Thing-a-ma-jigger” and
“What-cher-may-call-it”; or A
Magic Needle and a Magic
V2, Medieval China p. 41
V2, Early Explorers p. 55
60. Thelon Gest Wart Hate
V2, Hundred Years' War p. 51
(M) Joan of Arc – The Maid of
France, p. 143
61. Off with the Old; On with the
(M) Johann Gutenberg and the
First Printed Book, p. 167
62. A Sailor Who Found a New
V2, Christopher Columbus p. 57
63. Fortune Hunters
V2, Later Explorers p. 59
64. The Land of Enchantment or
The Search for Gold and
V2, Central/South America p. 61
65. Along the Coast of East
V2, Spanish/Portuguese Empires
p. 73

66. Rebirth
67. Christians Quarrel
V2, The Reformation p. 67
(M) Martin Luther – Leader of
the Reformation, p. 187
68. Queen Elizabeth
V3, Elizabethan London p. 27
69. The Age of Elizabeth
(C) James Cook, Explorer of the
South Seas, p. 61
70. James the Servant or What's
in a Name?
V3, James Towne p. 29
(C) Pocahontas – Maiden of
Peace, p. 11
71. A King Who Lost His Head
(C) My Grandmother, the Martyr
– Lady Alicia Lisle, p. 39
72. Red Cap and Red Heels
V3, Thirty Years' War p. 43
(C) Admiral Lord Nelson –
Victory!, p. 111
73. A Self-Made Man
V3, Russia p. 77
74. A Prince Who Ran Away
V3, Prussia p. 61
75. America Gets Rid of Her
V3, The American Revolution
p. 75
(C) Rachel Walker Revere – The
Ride of Her Life, p. 87
76. Upside Down
V3, The French Revolution p. 79
77. A Little Giant
V3, Napoleonic Wars p. 81
78. Latin America and the
Caribbean Islands
V3, Independence for Latin
America p. 85
79. From Pan and His Pipes to
the Phonograph
V3, Composers p. 87
80. The Daily Papers of 1854-
V4, Crimean War p. 32
V4, Japan Opens to Trade p. 34
V4, The American Civil War,
Maps 1 and 2 p. 38 and 40
(C) Catherine Ferguson – Really,
Really Free! p. 135
(C) Lucretia Mott – Equality for
All, p. 169
(C) Narcissa Whitman – A Seed
in Fertile Soil, p. 199
81. Three New Postage Stamps V4, Italy United p. 42
82. The Age of Miracles
V3, Inventors p. 89
83. A Different Kind of
V3, England – Industrial
Revolution p. 91
84. A World at War
V4, World War I, Maps 1 and 2
p. 68 and 70
85. A Short Twenty Years
V4, Europe, Post WWI p. 76
V4, The Great Depression p. 82
V4, China & Japan at War p. 86

86. Modern Barbarians
V4, Totalitarianism p. 84
V4, World War II, Map 1 –
Europe p. 90
87. Fighting the Dictators
V4, The Bombing of Pearl
Harbor p. 92
V4, World War II, Map 2 –
South Pacific p. 94
88. A New Spirit in the World
V4, Independence for India p.
89. A New Big Power in the
V4, The Growth of Communism
p. 98
V4, The Cold War p. 106
90. Trying to Keep Peace
V4 The Korean War p. 108
V4, The Vietnam War p. 110
91. Yesterday, Today, and
V4, World Map, Political p. 30
By Sally Powell, Copyright 2010, Knowledge Quest, Inc.