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Around the World
Learning About Our Globe One Country at a Time - Free Unit Study Below!


ISBN: 978-1-932786-35-4

Grade Level: 1-6 grades

Page Count: 120

This full-color e-book, featuring 9 different countries from around the world, is chock full of fascinating information, beautiful photos and fun activities to help you and your children learn more about our amazing world and the people living on it.

If you are anything like me, then there are times when you and your children just need a break from your normal homeschool routine so that you can keep learning fresh and exciting. That is why this book of unit studies was written. Actually, it exists for two reasons primarily and these are:

1. Most homeschooling families teach history, but very few teach geography.
2. Many homeschooling families get stuck in a rut and will enjoy an occasional unit study to pull them back out.

This book contains 9 complete geography unit studies - one for each month of the school year. Each one takes 1 week to complete. So, here is how I suggest that you use this book. During a regular month of homeschooling, spend 3 weeks studying history using your regular history curriculum, textbooks and read-alouds. Then, on the 4th week, change it up by completing a 1-week geography unit study on one of the countries featured in this book.

Download the free New Zealand unit study here!

Would you like to give it a try? Download 1 complete unit study here. If you like it, come back and purchase the entire set for just $14.95. This course is intended for children of all ages, but ideally suited for families with kids in grades 1-6. 120 full color pages.

Here is the list of countries that are covered in the complete book:

  1. New Zealand

  2. Scotland

  3. Poland

  4. South Korea

  5. South Africa

  6. Brazil

  7. Canada

  8. China

  9. Israel

To get the most out of Around the World unit studies, you will need:

1. Internet connection
2. Access to your local library
3. A willingness to cook some unusual dishes
4. A willingness to try a craft now and then

Download the free unit study and you will get a full picture of what is included in this e-book.


Ready to learn more about God's amazing world and the people He loves who live in near and far corners? Come on, grab your children by the hand and let's travel Around the World!


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