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American History Sale!

(Not just US History, but Canada too!)


Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., we are coming up on the 4th of July, Independence Day, and that is always good reason for a sale, especially on American History materials. We even have a brand new title available! But we decided to expand that subject just a little to include resources on all North American history materials, which includes Canada and Mexico... only we don't have any resources on Mexican history yet (oops!), so we'll focus in on U.S. and Canada. Take advantage of these great prices on some fun resources that your kids can browse even while on summer break. Save up to 45%! Sale continues through June 24th.


As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Just send them to [email protected].


 A Journey in Liberty

Brand new title from Knowledge Quest

Join author Dawn Boyer, seasoned and enthusiastic co-op teacher of US government classes using primary source documents, on A Journey in Liberty as she presents the US Constitution in an understandable and memorable way. This curriculum is a year long course for middle and/or high school students and qualifies for a social studies credit in US government. This course works beautifully in a home, school or co-op setting. Over 300 jam-packed pages!

Download the Intro AND first chapter free!

$19.95 Save 20% (regular price $24.95)


This is a PRE-ORDER! This title is still undergoing a few formatting changes, but we hated for it to miss our American History Sale. We think you would have too! E-BOOK will be available for complete download 7/1/13.

 Presidential Scrapbook A Presidential Scrapbook by Joel F. King 

Come along as we journey back through time and get acquainted with our nation's presidents, from General George Washington to our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama. This scrapbook of America's presidents documents humble beginnings, historic triumphs, stirring speeches, heroic attempts, utter disasters, patriotic loyalty and strange coincidences - did you know that two former presidents died on America's 50th birthday? Walk through 225 years of United States history through the eyes of our presidents. And when you are finished, and think that you have learned all that you can, try your hand at the President Quizzes to find out how much you really know! Read more

$12.95 Save 32% (regular price $18.95)

 Star-Spangled State Book

The Star-Spangled State + Workbook CD

Join us as we travel from coast to coast, learning about the 50 states! From the disappearance of England’s first American settlement to California’s population explosion of 1849, you’ll experience the growth of a new nation. From Plymouth Rock to Pearl Harbor, you'll follow the course of American history and geography! And when you're done and you think you've learned everything you can... Well, crack your knuckles, take a seat, and turn the pages to one of our challenging brain games. Great for children 4th grade on up to adult! The State Book contains 80 glossy full-color pages! The coordinating workbook CD turns the State Book into a 36 week curriculum (264 pages). More...

$18.95 Save 27% (regular price $25.95)

 Map Trek: US Edition

Map Trek: US Edition CD-ROM

Have you ever been teaching a history lesson when one of your children pipes up with a question... "Mom, is Texas a state or its own country?" You smile to yourself and are tempted to answer, "Yes, Texas is a state, but they would sure rather be their own country!" But you hold your tongue and decide that it's time to review U.S. geography. Then you wonder if you can combine this study with your current U.S. history studies... Read more.


The answer is, "Yes, you can!"

$14.95 Save 25% (regular price $19.95)


"I own all of the Map Trek and find it to be the ultimate map resource." - Sarah



What Really Happened in Colonial Times

This collection of historical biographies geared toward 8-14 year olds presents the lives of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary deeds during the Colonial time period. Illustrated with stunning portraits, this inspiring compilation of stories describes with historical accuracy and age-appropriate content the quality character and unbending determination of Pocahontas, Lady Alicia Lisle, James Cook, Rachel Walker Revere, Lord Admiral Nelson, Catherine Ferguson, Lucretia Mott and Narcissa Whitman. Read more.

Download 1st biography for free!

$10.95 Save 32% (regular price $15.95)


"If you love history like I love history, then you will really enjoy this book." - Little Bear Wheeler



Sacagawea by Karla Akins [Kindle Edition]

Sacagawea is an interactive historical novel that challenges readers to dig deeper into the true lives of extraordinary individuals AND stretches the idea of how stories themselves are told. Sacagawea is a riveting account and intimate look into the life of one of America's most beloved women. Read more.

Read the first chapter free!

$2.99 Save 40% (regular price $4.97)

 at Amazon

"This beautiful novel, with it's balanced use of adjectives and historical points, paints a color portrait of a woman that most of us have only seen in black and white." Linda Lacour Hobar, author of Mystery of History

 Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier by K. Akins [Kindle Edition]

Sail the high seas and join the adventure of Marc, cabin boy to the great explorer, Jacques Cartier. Jacques is the first volume in a new series of biographies about the Brave Explorers that Every Child Should Know. Not only will you learn exciting history and fascinating information on life at sea, but you will be gripped by this tale of adventure, tragedy and triumph. Read more.

Read the first chapter free!

$1.99 Save 45% (regular price $3.59)

 at Amazon

"Where were books like this when I was a child and dreaded history? I started reading this on my phone. It is very easy to read and caught my attention immediately. Books like this bring history to life! I would recommend to others." - Martin  

 O Canada! Her Story

O Canada! Her Story by Karla Akins

O Canada! Her Story takes you on a grand tour of Canada through the ages. Historical narratives and biographies tell her story in a creative and lively way that draws the reader in, grabbing his or her attention from the start. Learn about the people who dwelt in this land before the Europeans arrived, the vikings who discovered and temporarily settled this territory, the immigration and emigration of various people groups, the heroes who have shaped the face of this nation and the people who adore their beloved homeland. Read more.

Download one free story!

$11.95 Save 30% (regular price $16.95)


"Ms. Akins is a courageous writer to have taken unique approaches to each story, which is new and refreshing. I’m sure this will be a special book on our shelves for years to come!" - Shannon R.


Sale continues through June 24th. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Just send them to [email protected].


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