Selected Books from Year 8
Subject/ Book Title
Map Trek Map
(AW=Ancient World MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US = US Map Trek)
The New World
Martin Luther’s Defense
• See Table 8A (below)
• MV= The Reformation
• A Man for all Seasons
• Life of Sir Francis Bacon
• The Voyage of the Armada
• A History of the Plymouth Plantation
• The Life of Dr. John Donne
• A Coffin for King Charles
• Galileo’s Daughter
• Oliver Cromwell and the Rule…
• MV = City Centers of Europe (England 1529)
• MV = England(Britain during Middle Ages)
• MV =Later Explorers; Spanish Empires
• NW or US = Plymouth Colony
• NW = Puritan England
• NW = Puritan England
• NW = Renaissance Italy
• NW = Puritan England
• Christopher Columbus, Mariner
• Kon Tiki
• The Discovery of Muscovy
• The Discovery of Guiana
• MV = Christopher Columbus
• MD = World Map (political: South Pacific )
• MV = The Expansion of Russia
• MV = Central and South America
• The History of English Literature for Girls and
• Westward Ho!
• The Diary of Samuel Pepys
• I Promessi Sposi (the Betrothed)
• MV= Viking Expansion; 12th Century Europe;
the Reformation; England Map w/Grid
• MV = Later Explorers;
MD = England Industrial Revolution
• MV = The Black Death (England 1660-1669)
• MV = Renaissance Italy (Northern Italy 1629)
Selected Titles from Free Reading
• Don Quixote
• Freckles
• Lorna Doone
• To Have and to Hold
• The Compleat Angler
• The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hamelin
• MD = The Iberian Peninsula (Spain)
• US = State Map: Indiana
• NW = Puritan England (late 17th century)
• NW = James Towne
• NW = Puritan England (1653)
• NW = Prussia (1676 -1724)

Table 8A: The New World by Winston Churchill (Volume 2 of “The History of the English
Speaking Peoples”)
Chapter Titles
(* a few excellent maps included in the text)
Map Trek Maps
(MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US = US Map Trek)
CH I – II: The Round World; The Tudor Dynasty
• MV = Renaissance Italy; England (Britain
during the Middle Ages)
CH III – VII: King Henry VIII –The Protestant Struggle
• MV = Powerful Habsburgs; Reformation
CH VII: Good Queen Bess
• NW = Elizabethan London
CH IX –X: The Spanish Armada - Gloriana
• NW = Puritan England
(good map of the British Isles, including the English
Channel, North Sea, Irish Sea and channel Ports)
• MV = Later Explorers (Sir Francis Drake)
CH XI - XVIII: The United Crowns – The Axe Falls
• NW = Plymouth Colony; Original 13 Colonies;
Puritan England.
CH XIX – XXVI: The English Republic – The Revolution
• NW = Puritan England;
( Also See map in book: England during the Civil War )
By Sandy Moore, Copyright 2010, Knowledge Quest, Inc.
Free reading (continued)
• Pioneers of the Old South: A Chronicle of
English Colonial Beginnings
• The History of King Charles II of England
• NW = James Towne; The Original 13 Colonies;
Restoration Colonies; The New England
Colonies; The Middle Colonies; The Southern
• NW = Puritan England