Selected Books from Year 6
Subject/ Book Title
Map Trek Map
(AW=Ancient World MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US= US Map Trek)
Story of Mankind (Ch 66-71)
Story of the World Volume 4
What Everyone Should know about the 20th
Augustus Caesars World
The Story of the Greeks
The Story of the Romans
• MD = World War I (maps 1&2); World War II
(maps 1&2); The Cold War
• For SOTW maps, use this integration guide
• See Table 6A (below)
• AW= The Roman Empire; Ancient Europe;
Palestine during the life of Christ; Egypt Map;
Israel Map; Greece Map; Roman Empire Map.
• AW= Early Greece, Golden Age of Greece,
Greco-Persian Wars, Alexander the Great,
Greece Map
• AW= The Founding of Rome, The Roman
Empire, The Roman Empire Divided, Barbarian
History Tales/Biography
Trial and Triumph (Ch 45, 46, 1)
Genesis Finding our Roots
Never Give In
• MD= World Map (political); The Growth of
Communism AW=Roman Empire
• AW= Descendants of Noah; Mesopotamia;
• MD= South Africa (Boer War); World War I;
World War II
Missionary Travels
• MD= African Landforms; World Map (political
& landforms)
Age of Fable
The Iliad (Tales of Troy)
• AW = Ancient Greece
• AW = Ancient Greece
Selected titles from Free Reading
Where the Red Fern Grows
• US = State Maps : Oklahoma, Arkansas,

Table 6A: What Everyone Should Know about the 20th Century by Alen Axelrod and Charles Phillips
Chapter Title and Page Number
(Selected Chapters Only*)
Map Trek Maps
(MD = Modern World Map Trek)
The United States Goes to War with Spain p1.
MD = Cuba
The Chinese “Boxers” Rebellion p8.
MD = The Boxer Rebellion in China
The Boer War Ends p19.
MD = South Africa (Boer War)
A Balkan Terrorist Assassinates Austria’s Archduke p61.
MD = World War I (map 1)
Lenin Leads an October Revolution in Russia p71.
MD = Russian Revolution
The Treaty of Versailles ends the Great War p80.
MD = World War I (map 2)
Charles Lindbergh solos over the Atlantic p 113.
MD = Famous Early Flights
America’s Great Plains become Massive Dustbowl p128
MD = The Great Depression
World War II begins p141.
MD = World War II (map 1)
Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour p144
MD = The Bombing of Pearl Harbour
The Nation of Israel is Carved out of Palestine p171
MD = the Nation of Israel
The United States goes to War with Korea p189
MD = The Korean War
The Cubans Stage a Revolution p212
MD = Cuba
The Cuban Missile Crisis Unfolds p 222
MD = Cuba
The US and the Soviet Union Establish Détente p261
MD = The Cold War
Ethnic Wars Erupt in Yugoslavia p312.
MD = the Balkan Wars
A U.N. Coalition goes to War with Iraq p315.
MD = The Gulf War
By Sandy Moore, Copyright 2010, Knowledge Quest, Inc.
Free Reading (continued)
• The Endless Steppe
• Winged Watchman
• Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry
• Blue Willow
• Miracles on Maple Hill
• Letters from Rifka
• Jungle Pilot
• The Von Trapp Family Singers
• Snow Treasure
• Number the Stars
• The Ark
• Rob Roy
• Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
• Call of the Wild
• Penrod
• The Bronze Bow
• God’s Smuggler
• NW = Russia: Siberia
• MD= WWII (map 1: Europe)
• MD= The Great Depression
• MD= The Great Depression
• MD= The Great Depression
• MD= Europe post WWI; World Map (political)
US = Major Centers of Immigration
• MD= World Map (political: Ecuador)
• MD= World War II (map1 Europe)
• MD= World War II (map1 Europe)
• MD= World War II (map1 Europe)
• MD= World War II (map1 Europe)
• NW = England Industrial Revolution (Scotland)
• US = State Maps (Mississippi River states); 50
United States of America
• MD = The Dominion of Canada (Yukon)
• US = State Maps (Midwestern States)
• AW= Palestine during the time of Christ
• MD= The Growth of Communism