Selected Titles from Year 4
Subject/ Book Title
Map Trek Maps
(AW=Ancient World MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US = US Map Trek)
Our Island Story (CH 95- 96)
This Country of Ours
Story of Mankind
George Washington’s World
Child’s History of the World
• NW = Early Battles of the Revolutionary War;
England Industrial Revolution.
• See Table 4A (below)
• NW = Puritan England; Prussia; American
Revolution; French Revolution
• NW = The Explorations of Daniel Boone; The
Original 13 Colonies; Seven Years War; Russia;
the American Revolution; the French
Revolution; Napoleonic Wars.
• NW = Puritan England; Russia; American
Revolution; French Revolution;
MD = The Crimean War; Japan Opens to Trade
Trial And Triumph (CH 28-35)
History Tales/Biography
Poor Richard
Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution
• NW = Puritan England; African Exploitation;
US = Native American Tribal Groups
• NW = the New England Colonies;
• NW =New England Colonies; Early Battles of
the Revolutionary War; the Battle of Bunker
Hill; The American Revolution
Minn of the Mississippi
• US = State Maps: The 50 United States of
America (see Mississippi River states)
Age of Fable
Robinson Crusoe
Incredible Journey
Paul Revere’s Ride
• AW = Ancient Greece
• NW = Central and South America
(fictional island off the coast of Venezuela)
• NW = Puritan England (see Scotland, Hebrides,
North Sea, Ireland)
• MD = The Dominion of Canada: Ontario
• NW = Early Battles of the Revolutionary War;
The American Revolution (map 1)

Table 4A: This Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall (CH 29-63)
Chapter Titles
Map Trek Maps
( NW=New World; US = US Map Trek)
CH 29 – 34: Connecticut – New Jersey
NW or US = The New England Colonies; King Philip’s
CH 35 - 41: Maryland – Pennsylvania
NW or US = The Middle Colonies
CH 42- 44: Carolina’s – Georgia
NW or US = The Southern Colonies
CH 45 – 50: Mississippi - Pontiac
NW or US = The Seven Years War
CH 51- 54: Boston – Canada
NW or US = Early Battles of the Revolutionary War; The
Battle of Bunker Hill
CH 55 – 63: Birth of a Great Nation- Turning Point
NW or US = The American Revolution
By Sandy Moore, Copyright 2010, Knowledge Quest, Inc.
Selected Free Reading
• Little Britches
• By the Shores of Silver Lake
• Calico Captive
• Johnny Tremain
• Tree of Freedom
• Amos Fortune, Free Man
• The Reb and Redcoats
• US = State Maps: Colorado (Littleton)
• US= State Maps : South Dakota (De Smet)
• NW = The Seven Years War
• NW = Early Battles of the Revolutionary War
• NW = The American Revolution
• NW = African Exploitation; US =State Maps
• NW = The American Revolution; England
Industrial Revolution