Selected Titles from Year 10
Subject/ Book Title
Map Trek Maps
(AW=Ancient World MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US = US Map Trek)
History Options 1815-1902
1. The Great Democracies *
2. History of the American People
3. Oxford Book of American History
4. A Basic History of the United States
5. A Short History of Western Civilization
(*Text includes some excellent maps)
See Table 10A (below) for maps correlated with
W. Churchill’s The Great Democracies
For any of these history options choose maps from
Modern World and US Map Treks
• MD = The Crimean War; The British Empire;
the Dominion of Canada; The American Civil
War (map 1 & 2); Reconstruction; World
Empires; The Division of Ireland; South Africa
(Boer War).
: See especially;
If choosing American History as your main text choose
US Map Trek
• The Original 13 Colonies; American Revolution
maps; Trails of Expansion and Growth of USA
maps; Goldrush in California; Mexican War;
The Civil War; Gettysburg; Vicksburg;
Reconstruction; Centres of Immigration; World
War I and II maps; the Cold War; the Korean
which includes maps from Colonial times to
present conflict in Iraq. See especially;
• Robert E Lee (Civil War)
History Tales/Biography
• Abraham Lincoln
• Thomas Edison
• Michael Faraday
• Davy Crockett
• Jane Austen
• Florence Nightingale
• Queen Victoria
• Booker T. Washington
• US = The American Civil War (maps 1&2)
• US = The American Civil War (maps 1&2)
• US = State Maps: New Jersey
• NW = England Industrial Revolution
• US = Westward Expansion/Mexican War
• NW = England Industrial Revolution
• MD = The Crimean War
• NW = England Industrial Revolution;
MD = The British Empire
• US = Reconstruction; Jim Crow Laws/Women’s
Rights; US State Maps: Virginia, Alabama
• The Oregon Trail
• Eothen
• NW or US = Trails of Expansion: Oregon Trail
• MD = The Middle East

Table 10A: The Great Democracies by Winston Churchill (Volume 4 of “A History of the English Speaking
Chapter Titles
(*Text includes some excellent maps)
Map Trek Maps
(AW=Ancient World MV=Medieval World NW=New World
MD=Modern World US = US Map Trek)
CH I - III: The Victory Peace- Reform and Free Trade
NW = England Industrial Revolution
CH IV: The Crimean War
MD = The Crimean War
CH V: Palmerston
MD = England under the Rule of the British East India Co.
CH VI: Canada and South Africa
MD = The Dominion of Canada; South Africa
CH VII: Australia and New Zealand
NW = Australia; MD = New Zealand
CH VIII: American Epic
NW = Westward Expansion/Mexican War
US = Westward Expansion
CH IX –XII: Slavery & Secession - Lee & McClellan
US = Leading up to the Civil War; The American Civil War
(map 1 )
CH XIII- XIV: Chancellorsville – Victory of the Union
US = Gettysburg; The American Civil War (map 2)
CH XV – XVI: The Rise of Germany - Gladstone
NW = Prussia; (See excellent maps within the text)
CH XVII: American Reconstruction
US = Reconstruction
CH XVIII: America as a World Power
MD = World Empires 1900
CH XIX: Home Rule for Ireland
MD = The Division of Ireland
CH XX: Salisbury’s Governments
MD = World Empires 1900
CH XXI : The South African War
MD = South Africa (Boer War)
By Sandy Moore, Copyright 2010, Knowledge Quest, Inc.
• History of English Literature for Boys and Girls
Selected Literature
• Les Miserables
• Uncle Tom’s Cabin
• Silas Mariner
• Moby Dick
• AW = Ancient Europe; MV = England map
(Britain during the Middle Ages); Viking
Expansions; NW = Puritan England; England
Industrial Revolution
• NW = Napoleonic Wars
• MD = the Dominion of Canada (Ontario)
• NW = England Industrial Revolution
• NW = World Map (landforms: Oceans)
• Jane Eyre
Selected Titles from Free Reading
• The Heart of Midlothian
• The House of Seven Gables
• NW = Puritan England
• NW = England Industrial Revolution
• US = State Maps: Massachusetts (Salem)