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8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business

How to Start and Run a Profitable Online Business in Your Limited Amount of Time that will Supplement Your Family's Income or Replace it Altogether 

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January 4, 2012

Hi, my name is Terri Johnson. My husband, Todd, and I have been running our publishing business from home since 2001. In 2005, Knowledge Quest, Inc. became our primary source of income and Todd was able to quit his full-time job and come home to work.

This has been an amazing part of our lives! We love learning and working alongside each other. We both have the opportunity of teaching and training our children; and we both have responsibilities in maintaining and growing our business.

8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business

Click here to access the webinar

PLEASE NOTE: Enjoy the recorded webinar. To make this easier to upload and watch, this 60 minute presentation has been broken down into 10 smaller videos. Please watch them in the order that they appear. Hope to see you again on Friday!

ALSO NOTE: There are a few changes to the offer mentioned in the free webinar. The 4 part class is now open to everyone!  There is no longer a limit to the class size and no time limit for signing up. Just come on back and join us when you are ready - we'll be here!

This is a lifestyle that we love and I am often asked what exactly we do that has allowed us the freedom to work from home together and gives us the flexibility to work the hours that we choose.

You may or may not know that I am a busy homeschooling mom with six children (toddler up to teens), so I spend a good portion of my days teaching my children (and driving them all over town!). My husband's story is the same - our kids keep us pretty busy.

But I wanted to take 4 weeks out of my regular schedule to do something different - and that is to teach other busy homeschool moms (and dads) how to succeed at starting and growing an online business from home.  And that's just what I did!   

"Hi Terri, Just a quick note to thank you again for the class. I really enjoyed the material you presented and especially appreciated your thoroughly Christian approach to business. I see so many things offered that leave me feeling like the goal is to soak the suckers and make some money. This class was a refreshing change from that attitude, and your comments about being sure to offer our best and to provide real value even in our giveaways really struck a chord with me. Again thank you for your efforts in putting the class together and for keeping the cost so very reasonable that I felt I could afford to give it a try." - Lyn

I'm not big into hype and sales pitch, so I'll just move right down to the bottom line and tell you what I can do to help you move your business (or your idea for a business) forward.

A few weeks ago, I finished a 4-week LIVE class on the 8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business. I walked my class mates through each one of the steps in detail, showing them my computer screen so that they could see exactly what I was talking about.  And I recorded all 4 of the sessions along with the Q & A!  Now, I am making the course available to you to watch and learn on your own timeframe.

Here's what you'll get:

The (4) Recorded sessions - 60-90 minutes in length

  • 60 minutes of content
  • 30 minutes of Q
  • Both audio and video! ($297 value)

Yes, the live sessions were recorded so that you can watch them any time that suits your schedule. You may not have been able to attend the live training sessions because of your busy schedule (or perhaps you didn't even know about it!) and that's okay. You now have unlimited access to the recordings. Besides, you might want to watch them more than once!

Here is what I will share with you:

  1. How to KNOW there is a demand for your product before you create it.
  2. How to get that great idea off the ground.
  3. How to market your product inexpensively, but effectively.
  4. How to run an efficient, yet personal, business.
  5. How to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

If this sounds like just the help you need, sign up for the 8 Steps to a Profitable Online Business webinar series below.  

"Anyway, just wanted to thank you again for being a blessing to me and for your kindness. I'm excited to see where the Lord directs me.

By the way, this webinar opened my mind to all kinds of possibilities I never dreamed could be. It has also given me direction, which I greatly needed. I really...

* liked the webinar format
* loved your pdfs with the ppt screen shot on the note's page
* liked being able to ask questions at the end and also to benefit from the questions of others
* liked the emails with overview of the sessions (i.e. THE WEBINAR (2 of which missed), links, etc)
* liked that this webinar was so practical and hands on
* liked that it was full of secure and safety proven suggestions (THANK YOU)
* liked the feel of actually being there with you (again, this is a really neat format...webinars)"

- Brenda

Remember, you will get 4 bonuses when you sign-up for class:  


how to do it all

1. How Do You Do It All 

7 Essential Tools Planning ebook by Mary Jo Tate ($17 value)

Working from home while bringing up a family can often seem like an overwhelming task—better suited to Supermom than ordinary mortals.

As a single mom with four energetic sons . . . whom I’m homeschooling . . . while growing my profitable home business as a writer, editor, and book coach, I’ve battled with all those challenges.

People are constantly asking me, “How do you do it all?” Well, I’m not Supermom (who wants to wear a cape anyway?), but I have developed powerful strategies that cut through the chaos and get results.



God honoring business

2. Running a Business that Honors God  10 Biblical Principles that will Change Your Business ebook by Laurie Neumann ($7 value)


Top Questions Asked When Starting a Home Business, and...

Market According to Your Personality

Laurie Neumann, owner of Christian Home Business Connection offers personal coaching to help you choose and get going in a successful home based business.





3. HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School without Losing Your Balance ebook by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ($12.45 value)

Are you looking to creatively supplement your family's income? Would a home business even work for your homeschooling family?
Whether you are. . .

  • Considering a new home business endeavor, or already working from home,
  • Seeking creative ideas or exploring opportunities that might work for you,
  • Wondering how to set up a home business,
  • In need of some inspiration, encouragement, motivation, or advice from experienced home'preneurs who've been there, or
  • Wondering how others manage homeschooling and homework and continue to smile,

. . . this E-Book, HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance contains the information and support you are looking for!




4. 1-Year Subscription to TEACH Magazine from Publisher/Editor Lorrie Flem

THIS BONUS is not business related, but is offered to refresh and encourage you in your other roles!

TEACH Magazine will help you by:
  • Encouraging you with wisely spoken words.
  • Convicting your heart as He refines you into His image.
  • Challenging you to continue to strive for improvement.
  • Touching your spirit with heart-warming stories.
  • Entertaining you through life-learning lessons.
  • Inspire you to immerse yourself in the holy promises that are yours.

Each issue of TEACH covers a specific topic, topics that are relevant and revealing for homemakers and homeschoolers. 

One more thing...

Yes, of course, we have a 100% guarantee for the class.  If you do not LOVE the first class; then you can send me an email telling me so and I'll fully refund your money. You get to keep the bonuses. Fair enough?

Listen in to the 4 part class recordings at your convenience. Get everything for just $97.00. NOW 1/2 OFF - Just $48.50


(Note: a link to your recordings will be sent to you within 1 hour of your purchase.)

P.S. You can sign up for this class anytime at the regular price, but putting it off won't help you in any way.  Besides, you won't find a class with this much content and helpful step-by-step advice at this price (or even 3x this price).  And, of course, we do have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

P.P.S. It wasn't so very long ago that I had no idea how to build a website, write a sales letter, set up a newsletter or market our products. But through trial and error and then the help of a good mentor, we have grown our business to surpass that of my husband's ex-job income. We now run a profitable publishing company that has grown every year, even in recession. This is not to brag whatsoever (we absolutely thank and trust the Lord for our monetary blessings); just to tell you that these dreams of yours can be realized. You can make money from home even in your very limited amounts of time. God bless!


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