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2011 Catalog

Greetings from the Johnson family! We are a homeschool-
ing family with six children. We love educating our children at home and have
been doing so for nearly 13 years. We have used various methods and curricula
throughout the years, but have often found that a resource we wished for simply
didn’t exist. These holes in the homeschool marketplace are what led us to create
some of the materials that you will find within the pages of this linked catalog.
We began our business - Knowledge Quest, Inc. - in 2001 with the desire
to produce simple black and white maps that children could label and color while
studying both world and American history. I can still remember that first map
packet that we had copied at our local print shop :-). Our efforts eventually expand-
ed into producing 10 foot wall timelines, a hardcover timeline book, a historical bi-
ography series along with some additional geography resources that would delight
the whole family. This year marks our 10th year in business - time flies!
We have enjoyed working with other authors to bring you the best resources
possible in the fields of history and geography. Recently, however, we became
troubled by all of the uncertainty and doubt we were hearing from fellow home-
school parents when they would call to inquire about books and products for their
families. More often than not, the conversation would turn to other subjects, the
most common being the fear of making mistakes and not
feeling confident about their curriculum decisions, teaching
methods and learning styles.
We stumbled upon the idea of teaching homeschool-
ing parents how to homeschool with confidence and our
Homeschooling ABCs class was born. We now have a high
school level class as well. This is an exciting time to be ho-
meschooling and we are pleased that the Lord is leading us
to be of greater help in the lives of others.
We hope that you enjoy perusing this catalog.
Please feel free to send any comments or questions to us at
[email protected] God bless!
A Little About Us

A Child’s
by Ann Voskamp
Let’s Go!
A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth is, in some
ways, really like exploring and scouting out various routes
before a grand trip! While scouting and surveying the grand
scheme of things - the sciences of our Earth - our appetite is
whetted for the real march out - the countries of this Earth.
The anticipation builds as we learn about the workings and
the ways of His Earth. Then, having gained our bearings in
Explore His Earth, future volumes of “A Child’s Geography”
will follow the same traditional path of our chronological study
of history, trekking through the countries of our world today.
Includes CD-ROM with reproducible pages.
ISBN: 978-1-932786-32-3
Grade Level: 1-6 grades
Page Count: 243
Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-932786-33-0
Grade Level: 1-6 grades
Page Count: 275
Price: $34.95
SAVE $5.00 when
you buy both!
Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey...
your family probably hears or reads about these names
frequently. In an increasingly complex world, it is vitally
important that children learn to see the world through their
Creator’s eyes. As we explore the Holy Land you and your
family will delight in incredible, mysterious landscapes,
hidden wonders and beautiful peoples - all created in
God’s image. We will travel through the lands of Scripture,
discovering familiar Biblical landmarks, such as the possible
resting place of Noah’s Ark, the remains of the Tower of
Babel, the tracks of Moses up to the peak of Mount Sinai.
A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land includes a
bonus CD-ROM with reproducible pages.
“I’ve read through all 275
pages of A Child’s Geogra-
phy: Explore the Holy Land.
And this really IS the best
geography guidebook I’ve
seen for the K-6th grade set.
- Holly

by Joel F. King
Join us as we travelfrom
coast to coast, learning about the 50
states! From the disappearance of Eng-
land’s first American settlement to Califor-
nia’s population explosion of 1849, you’ll
experience the growth of a new nation. From Plymouth Rock to Pearl Har-
bor, you’ll follow the courses of American history and geography! And when
you’re done and you think you’ve learned everything you can... Well, crack
your knuckles, take a seat, and turn the pages to one of our challenging brain
games. Trust me, if you want to stay in the know, the four GeoQuizzes are for
you! Great for children 4th grade on up to adult! 80 glossy full-color pages!
264 page workbook contains 36 weeks of lesson plans plus CD-ROM.
ISBN: 978-1-932786-26-0
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 80 full color
Price: $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-932786-27-9
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 264
Price: $29.95 (includes CD-ROM)
“The Star-Spangled Workbook is designed to coincide with The
Star-Spangled State Book. I am very impressed with this course!
The author has thought of everything and included it in these two
books” - Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
here for

Have fun
learning about
the presidents!
Brand new book by Joel King
Come along as we journey back through time
and get acquainted with our nation’s presi-
dents, from General George Washington to our
current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.
Find out about the events that propelled these
men into the highest office of the United States
of America and what remarkable and memo-
rable deeds marked each of their presidencies.
This scrapbook of America’s presidents docu-
ments humble beginnings, historic triumphs,
stirring speeches, heroic attempts, utter disas-
ters and strange coincidences - did you know
that 2 former presidents died on America’s 50th
birthday? Walk through 225 years of United
States history throught the eyes of our presi-
dents. And when you are finished and think
that you have learned all that you can, try your
hand at the President Quizzes to find out how
much you really know!
ISBN: 978-1-932786-43-9
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 96 full color
Price: $18.95

If you need a map that
is not divided by current
political boundary lines,
you need this resource.
An excellent tool for
research projects. Over
465 maps included!
Map Trek: The Complete Collection
Grab your children by the hand. It’s time to explore
our world throughout history. Let’s take a map trek!
The Complete Collection of Map Trek includes
historical maps covering the time period between
5000BC—the Present and includes companion
unlabeled maps, plus modern day continent and
country maps totaling over 465 maps in all. The
Complete Collection may be purchased either as a
hardcover book (world and US maps) which includes
a reproducible CD-ROM for easy printing or just on
CD-ROM alone (world OR US maps). All files are in
PDF format. Download samples here.
ISBN: 978-1-932786-42-2
Grade Level: 1-12 grades
Page Count: 288 + CD-ROM
Price: $55.00 (incl CD-ROM)
ISBN: 978-1-932786-40-8
Grade Level: 1-12 grades
Page Count: 420
Price: $39.95
“[Knowledge Quest]
maps are ideal; they are
uncluttered, accurate,
and perfect for color-
ing. I highly recom-
mend them as a simple
and yet effective way
to develop the young
student’s geographi-
cal awareness of the
ancient world.” - Susan
Wise Bauer
Award Winning
Geography Program!
ISBN: 978-1-932786-41-5
Grade Level: 1-12 grades
Page Count: 230
Price: $19.95

Tapestry of Grace MapAids CDs
Using Tapestry of Grace? Knowledge Quest and Tap-
estry of Grace have joined together to produce Ma-
pAids - map CD-ROMs customized especially for the
Tapestry curriculum. All four CDs are now available.
What makes these CDs so special? Well, they are
organized by Tapestry of Grace weeks as set up in their
year plan guides. There is a teacher’s map, which is
the answer key. And then there are maps for the gram-
mar stage student, the dialectic and rhetoric stage stu-
dents and an overlay map so your student can produce
a transparency map notebook.
Purchase these CDs right here or at the Tapestry of
Grace website: www.tapestryofgrace.com. These CDs
are not standalone products, but must accompany the
Tapestry of Grace curriculum. Samples available online
ISBN: 1-932786-17-1 / 18-X / 19-8 / 20-1
Grade Level: 1-12 grades
Page Count: Over 200 maps each
Price: $24.95 each (for Redesigned) $9.95 each (for Classic)
What folks are saying...
“These maps are gorgeous! I just love
the clarity. This is a resource that is
so valuable to us teachers, especially
for the upper levels which really
become difficult to teach. When our
family cycles back through Tapestry
of Grace at these higher levels, having
the teacher maps with answers will be
so helpful!” - Jean
“Fantastic job! These maps will be
a tremendous help to moms. I am
looking forward to this additional tool
with our Tapestry program!” - Pam
$9.95 for
Award Winning
Geography Program!

ISBN: 1-932786-14-7
Grade Level: 5-12 grades
Page Count: n/a
Price: $17.95 each
or $60.00 for all four
10 foot long
wall timelines!
(buy all 4 and save)
Also available:
Timeline of Ancient History 5000BC-400AD
Timeline of New World History 1600-1850
Timeline of Modern History 1850-the Present
Blackline Maps of World History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Blackline Maps of American History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Visit us on the web at:
Timeline of Medieval History
10 Ft. Wall Timeline
400 - 1600
Timeline Category
Stickers included
ISBN 1-932786-12-0 51795>
Also available:
Timeline of Ancient History 5000BC-400AD
Timeline of Medieval History 400-1600
Timeline of Modern History 1850-the Present
Blackline Maps of World History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Blackline Maps of American History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Visit us on the web at:
Timeline of New World History
10 Ft. Wall Timeline
1600 - 1850
Timeline Category
Stickers included
ISBN 1-932786-13-9 51795>
Also available:
Timeline of Ancient History 5000BC-400AD
Timeline of Medieval History 400-1600
Timeline of New World History 1600-1850
Blackline Maps of World History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Blackline Maps of American History - paper & CD-ROM versions
Visit us on the web at:
10 Ft. Wall Timeline
1850 - the Present
Timeline Category
Stickers included
ISBN 1-932786-14-7 51795>
Timelines of World History
10 foot long wall timelines - long
enough to record a significant
amount of information and attractive enough to adorn
the walls of your home. There are 4 wall timelines in
all. The Ancient timeline begins at 5000BC and contin-
ues through 400AD. The Medieval timeline picks up at
400AD and continues through the year 1600. The New
World timeline covers 1600-1850 and finally, the modern
timeline (half of it shown below) completes the set covering
1850 to the present. Over 150 Timeline Category Stickers
are included with each timeline purchased. Save over 15%
when you purchase all four as a set.
Rather make your own timeline? Click here!
Click image below to see a full-sized sample.

ISBN: 1-932786-15-5
Grade Level: 5-12 grades
Page Count: 104
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-932786-31-6
Grade Level: 5-12 grades
Page Count: 104
Price: $24.95 (incl CD-ROM)
here for
Do you not have room for a wall timeline, but still
want the benefits of creating one with your stu-
dents? Here is a solution for you. History comes
alive when your student records significant histori-
cal events in his own hand. This blank hardcover
timeline book with dates pre-marked from 5000BC
to the present will allow your student to gain a
better understanding of the flow of history. He will
make connections between historical events by
recording entries across academic subjects—king-
doms, empires, rulers, scientists, literature, great
writers, musicians, and
so much more—all can
be recorded into his own
personal book of history.
Includes reproducible
Wonders of Old is di-
vided into four historical
time periods: ancient,
medieval, new world and
modern. Significant
dates are listed at the
end of each section as a
helpful reference.
9x12 Hardcover
70# text stock for
extra durability!
“The student that
does careful and
consistent work in
this volume will
have an informative,
enduring keepsake
to which he can refer
in years to come.” -
Marcia Somerville,
Lampstand Press

A biography series for
your 8-14 year olds to
read alone or for your
family to read aloud.
ISBN: 1-932786-23-1
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 224
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 1-932786-22-8
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 224
Price: $15.95
What Really Happened...
These collections of historical biographies presents the lives of ordinary people who ac-
complished extraordinary deeds during historical times. Illustrated with stunning portraits,
What Really Happened in Ancient Times describes with historical accuracy and age-
appropriate content the quality character and unbending determination Eve, Noah, Gil-
gamesh, Imhotep, Daniel, Cyrus the Great, Eratosthenes and Constantine. (240 pages)
What Really Happened During the Middle Ages includes biographies about St. Patrick,
Theodora, Alcuin, Wenceslas, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc, Johann Gutenberg and
Martin Luther. (224 pages) Sample chapters available online. Click here.
What Really Happened in Colonial Times includes biographies about Pocahontas, Lady
Alicia Lisle, James Cook, Rachel Walker Revere, Admiral Lord Nelson, Catherine Fergu-
son, Lucretia Mott and Narcissa Whitman. (224 pages)
“If you love history like I love history, then you will really enjoy this book. As the third in the What
Really Happened series, it delivers what you would expect—inspiring biographies, beautiful il-
lustrations and great maps. Not only are the stories historically accurate, but they are lively and
entertaining as well. Read this book aloud to your family and you will better understand this excit-
ing time in history.” Your fellow pilgrim, Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler, Mantle Ministries
ISBN: 1-932786-21-X
Grade Level: 4-8 grades
Page Count: 240
Price: $15.95

History Through the Ages: Timeline Figures
* Creation to Christ - over 250 figures $19.95
* Resurrection to Revolution (1-1799AD) - over 250 figures $19.95
* Napoleon to Now (1750-Present) - over 280 figures $19.95
* America’s History (1000-Present) - over 420 figures $29.95
* Collection of Historical Timeline Figures on 2-CD Mega Set (Creation
to Present) includes all figures from the four volumes above PLUS 80
bonus figures. Timeline figures available with text description or name
and date only. Available as .pdf pages and individual .gif images,
which can be resized for a variety of projects. $74.95.
Looking for a timeline that you can build on
your computer? Look no further... The Easy Timeline
Creator is just that - easy! Now your students can enter their
timeline entries into a software program that sorts the infor-
mation by date and category. Incorporate your own timeline
figures or use the ones on the collection CD above! This soft-
ware works only with PC. Sorry Mac users!
100 Clip-art included
Grade Level: 5-12 grades
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Price: $29.95

Free resources
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Master World
Geography in
Just 7 Months
This is my seven month plan that will help you help
your students master world and U.S. geography in
just seven months. Follow this step-by-step program
and take my challenge over the course of the next
seven month time period. If your students have not
drastically improved in their knowledge of geography,
please write to me and tell me that I am off my rocker
and that it doesn’t work. On the contrary, if you do
see dramatic improvement, even mastery, in geogra-
phy, let me know that also. I would like to celebrate
with you in this wonderful accomplishment! Here’s
my email address - [email protected].
Math Can Be Fun!
Many times, the subject of math can cause some
real struggles for our children. I will admit that we
have shed many tears over our math books. BUT
THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!! Yes, new math
concepts can be hard to learn, but when we make
math fun, it brings laughs instead of tears. This mini-
ebook (just 21 pages) will help you to see math in a
whole new way and give you that burst of inspiration
for teaching new math concepts.
This ebook is just one lesson pulled from our Home-
schooling ABCs online class for homeschool parents.
See next page for details...

Join our Homeschooling ABCs class and get 26 weeks of
step-by-step instruction - all the basics of homeschooling
from A to Z - delivered straight to your email box!
Our course will help you to start with confidence and make
this year a wonderfully memorable event for your family!
Homeschooling is a great educational choice for your
children, but if you are just getting started, you may have
more questions than you have answers. And perhaps
alot of enthusiasm, but not alot of direction. But that can
change starting today... www.HomeschoolingABCs.com.
Wow! There is an ab-
solute wealth of infor-
mation presented here.
I cannot tell you how
helpful this class is for
me. Now, I feel like we
have direction and are
heading in the right
track. Thank you for
putting this class to-
gether for us!
When you join our Upper Level Homeschool class, you
will receive an email each week for 13 weeks that will
discuss an important aspect of homeschooling your high
schooler, give you food for thought and action steps to
complete. You will receive expertise advice, guidance
and insight that will give you the courage to step into
these unfamiliar waters, only to find out that the current is
neither so swift nor the gulf so wide as to be crossed eas-
ily and successfully by you and your teen! Find out more
here - www.UpperLevelHomeschool.com.
I was sold after the first
class! Thanks for showing
us how to start and stay
going. We are excited with
Homeschooling ABCs and
feel comfortable know-
ing someone cares about
our homeschooling experi-
ence being a success. All
the planning is already
done and we really like the
freebies and weekly sched-
ule that make each lesson
personal and fun!
Debbie in MD

Would you like to use your mobile device for
educational purposes? Are you tired of finding that your children have
downloaded yet another silly app that is nothing more than mind fluff?
In 2011, we at Knowledge Quest are seeking to provide a growing
community with the tools and resources that they desire to further their
children’s education in a quickly changing and dynamic world. Home-
schoolers are looking for quality educational apps to take with them as
they conduct school “on the go” and also in the comfort of their homes.
Education as we know it is on the brink of exciting change and we want
to be a part of making it the best that it can be.
Visit www.Apps-School.com to find, rate and review the best edu-
cational apps that are available today.
Find mobile apps that will help your child with...
Language Arts
Foreign Language
and so much more!

www.kqpublishing.org / www.HomeschoolingABCs.com
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