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The Twelve Tribes of Israel

After the conquest of Canaan, lead by Joshua, the Israelites divided themselves into 12 tribes and settled into their Promised Land. Your … custom cut printed ThermaFix.


The Promised Land

Jericho, believed to be the oldest city permanently inhabited on earth, is located to the west of the Jordan River in the …


Early Greece

Situated at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula, Greece was one of the earliest civilizations in Europe. Greece consisted of numerous …


The Exodus from Egypt

Both the date of the Exodus and the route taken by the Israelites are considered by scholars to be uncertain. The date …


Ancient Egypt

The Nile River, which ran right through the heart of Ancient Egypt, is a major north-flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as …


Old Kingdom of Egypt

The Red Sea that ran north-south along the border of Ancient Egypt is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between …


Ancient Africa

Many ancient civilizations sprang out of Africa, shaping western culture as we know it today, including several Bantu people groups and tribes …


Called Out of Ur

Abraham’s home town of Ur was first inhabited around 4200-4500 BC.  Once a coastal city near the mouth of the ancient Euphrates …


Abraham’s Journey Into Canaan

The city of Harran, in southern Turkey near the border of Syria, is probably the Haran mentioned in the Bible.  Abraham’s father …


Sumerians of Mesopotamia

When we zoom down into Mesopotamia between the two great rivers, we find an ancient people – the Sumerians – who are …